Was fan protest enough to persuade Wenger to quit Arsenal?

It is hardly surprising that there was a protest by the Arsenal fans planned before the Gunners took on Bayern Munich in the Champions League last night, especially as the 5-1 drubbing by the Germans a few weeks ago was the sort of performance that has convinced many of us that it is time for the Frenchman to end his long spell in charge and give another manager the chance to get Arsenal back to the trophy winning times we all want to see.

The protest did go ahead but Sky Sports are reporting that there were only about 200 fans involved. That and the fact that it was outside the ground and before the game kicked off may mean that Wenger is either not that aware or not that bothered by it. He could understandably see it as a small minority of the Arsenal fan base after all.

Arsenal.com did report comments from the right back Hector Bellerin about the noticeable departure of large swathes of the home crowd from the Emirates last night, with the Spaniard suggesting that this did hurt the team and that they need to get the fans back on side.

Once again, though, this could be seen as mere disappointment on the night that the comeback faltered and fell flat after the penalty and Koscielny’s red card, so do the Arsenal fans need to do more to persuade Arsene Wenger to quit?

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One thought on “Was fan protest enough to persuade Wenger to quit Arsenal?

  1. I really don’t know which to go for between my hear and my head. My heart would always want Wenger to stay, but my head says he should just leave. It is never the likes of Wenger that should leave in this mood-circumstance. I am just confused. I don’t care whether Wenger stays on or leaves, all I need is to see improved team quality and performances, yielding better results than I see almost weekly. If Wenger should correct the ills then I can always forgive him, he more than deserves it. But I don’t have to suffer emotional trauma too much…

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