Was that Van Persie’s last 90 minutes at the Emirates?


Yet again Robin Van Persie has led from the front scoring two goals to put Arsenal back into a winning position against Norwich, and yet again the defence has let him down.

There rarely looked like there was any cohesion between Wojciech Szczesny and his defence, which was only compounded when Francis Coquelin replaced Bacary Sagna after half an hour.

I know attack is the best form of defence, especially when playing Sky Poker no deposit online, but when you are 3-2 up in a football match against a lowly team like Norwich with so much at stake, why didn’t Wenger put ten men behind the ball and crowd out the Arsenal defence and midfield.

Why do we always try to score another one? Surely a tactical change in such an important winning position would not have been booed by the fans, who are aware that we just had no win by any means possible.

So if Tottenham (or Newcastle) overtake Arsenal into Third position, we can kiss goodbye to Robin Van Persie, and without Champions League assured it will be a lot harder to attract star players to the Emirates to strengthen the team, especially if we need to replace Van Persie.

Four games Wenger had to make certain of Third Place and we only managed a measly three points out of the twelve on offer. Who are we supposed to blame for such a spectacular collapse once again?

14 thoughts on “Was that Van Persie’s last 90 minutes at the Emirates?

  1. Why insist to play Ramilson? We looked so much more threatening after he was replaced by Ox, and thereafter the second and third goal came.

  2. if robin leaves,its understandable.he cant play with ramsey and gibbs.these 2 ave cost us much this season.loan them come next season.

  3. … I have posted it before, and again ill do it: Mr Wenger needs to go! Both Wenger and Arsenal need to start a new sigmud curve. Leave Wenger for another 15 years, this team cant win NOTHING!

  4. Here comes the Sack Wenger train! Arsenal fans must have dissociative identity disorder or something.

    So let me take a guess at what everyone is going to say after today’s game.

    “Sack Wenger!”
    “Time for Wenger to go?”
    “Is Ramsey good enough for Arsenal?”
    “Is Song useless?”
    “Is RVP leaving?”
    “Does Arsenal’s defence suck?”
    “Should the board be sacked?”
    “Should Gazidis be sacked?”
    “Should the medical staff be sacked?”
    “Is Szczesny good enough?”
    “Is Barcelona going to buy RVP?”
    “Is Real Madrid going to buy RVP?”
    “Is Manchester City going to buy RVP?”
    “Is it time to scrap the youth project?”
    “Is it time to spend BIG!?”
    “Is Arsenal going to be relagated next season?”
    “Is Tottenhem now better than Arsenal?”
    “Is Newcastle now better than Arsenal?”
    “Seven years!”
    “No trophy again!?!?”
    “Sack Wenger”

    etc etc

  5. Here we go blaming ramsey when the worst defender on the pitch again was vermaelen. people wonder why we need.vertonghen well todays performance along with qpr and wigans will answer that for you. also where the hell was song again today no wonder we are trying to buy another dm. Song has clearly lost the plot of where he is supposed to be and what.is supposed to be.doing. he knew full well that we had a make shift right back and an erratic gibbs.yet still ploughed his merry way without any consideration to others. sure he.got another assist and rosicky ramsey benayoun should take note of how that is done cos that.is supposed to be their bloody job.

    our team discipline has completely gone 1 win in 6 is relegation stuff not automatic champions leaguequalification.

    wenger must go out and build from the back. An experienced goalkeeper must replace fabianski as szcesney looks like a man in the comfort zone. van der weil (cos of sagnas injury) vertonghen and baines or sakho has to be the minimum for the defence. mvila or martinez have to be signed too. we need dempsey to compete with rosicky for the am role and we need hazard to challenge walcott for his position. huntelaar in to provide the.cover for van persie if he stays i would also pick up hoilett on a free. btw rene adler – good experienced keeper available on a free.

      1. Ramsey is too slow in being able to read the constant nano-second to nano-second changes in front of him. Could this be a sign of lacking the proper intelligence required for such a high-pace EPL.

  6. I know many Arsenal will not like this, but one of the reasons why we drop point today is also because RVP is not clinical enough, if he wants to leave, I say sell him, use the proceed to buy another clinical striker- Olivier Giroud in my mind and buy a discplined DM- Y Mvilla, that will help us a lot. Though I really want RVP to stay.

  7. sack wenger,hillwood,have clearout in summer, even if we qualify for champs league which now is unlikely we papering over cracks very very disappointing

  8. Wengers time is up even if we do make the top 4.Season after season we see the same thing happen.the same excuses.and no silverware.Since the Invincibles this club has been going backwards time for a change of manager,board and i would like to see a change of ownership

  9. I HATE Ramsey, he is just badluck. Lets face the fact that Wenger is really getting old and stupid but on the other hand we need players that can win a match for us. Last season it was Almunia who conceeded goals almost every second and now, its ramsey.
    if anyone could remember we had seven straight wins in a row. Well? That was because ramsey was out due to injury. He came back the eighth game we lost and ever since then we’ve hardly won any game and Wenger keeps playing him.
    Honestly, if i as arsenal’s manager, i would personally give him out to the worst club in the world.Whether anyone beleives it or not Arsene Wenger is the architecture of our failure to win trophies for the past seven years.
    My advise for arsenal is that Arsene joins the board because i acknowlede his achievements so far and Athletico Bilbao’s coach should manage Arsenal.

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