Was The Loss Wenger’s Fault (Again)?

Manchester United managed to defeat Arsenal once again and even though the Gunners were on a very good run in the game, Wenger decided to switch things around. Do you think that maybe this time it was only his fault that the game turned out this way?

First of all, why would you change Chamberlain who had an amazing match again, and put in Arshavin who showed us how much of a bad form he’s in last time he was on the pitch? And second of all, when will the manager understand that Ramsey lost a lot when he was injured and never quite retrieved to his old amazing form, managing only to put in average appearances?

“When it was 1-1 it looked like we would win but in the end one tactical mistake lost us the game,” Wenger told Sky Sports.

“I do not want to dwell too much on that now but one second of inattention can cost you.”

Despite his admission, Wenger went on to defend his decision to bring off Oxlade-Chamberlain in a frosty post-match press conference.

“I can understand that the fans are upset about the substitution, especially when it doesn’t work, but he (Oxlade-Chamberlain) had started to fatigue,” he said.

“He was sick in the week. Arshavin is captain of the Russia national team.

“You have an 18-year-old kid making his first Premier League start and a player who’s captain of his country and they are querying the substitution? Let’s be serious.

“I’ve been a manager for 30 years and have made 50,000 substitutions. I do not have to justify every decision I make to you (the Press). I stand up for it.”

The thing is that Wenger keeps playing a few players who simply should be forgotten, and perhaps starting with Ramsey is a good thing. Nobody’s saying he was one of the bad players in the match, but he wasn’t one of the good ones either and he can’t be compared to neither Fabregas nor Nasri, so why not bring in Gotze, Hazard or god know who…but somebody who would at least compare to them or be able to grow to be as good?

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17 thoughts on “Was The Loss Wenger’s Fault (Again)?

  1. The problem is wenger you bloody moron you have made the same substitution time & time again with that little useless dick & every bloody time he has contributed sweet FA! I was at the game & moments before we scored wenger was gonna make that very substitution…. was the Ox fatigued then cos it didnt look like it to me or 50000+ gooners however 5 minutes later he was?? funny that eh… as much as i hate to say it arsene ….. cab for wenger!

  2. What a joke. Time is up Wenger. You’ve buried your head in the sand when faced with Cesc and Nasri leaving, you brought in less than adequate replacements, you insult us with the ” people forget we have 10 players out” crap.
    Only 2-3 of those are worthy players, why you stick with and support Arshavin is beyond belief. Who cares if he has the “right attitude” ? HE CAN’T PLAY. Take a look at RVP’s reaction. Should say it all.

    You made a very bad decision today and it just sums up the popular belief that you really have lost it. It’s been brewing for a while now and you really need to step down. You have run this once great club into the ground. It’s always someone else’s fault according to you. Have you heard yourself lately ? Pathetic. Top 4 is not going to happen this year I’m afraid and it’s all because you refused to be proactive and actually improve the team. Did you see Newcastle ? Signed Cisse. Not a huge deal, but sure could help us out as Walcott and Arshavin are useless.

    If you truly love this club, then set it free. We need a new direction with new blood. My vote goes to Paul Lambert or Brendan Rodgers. Great young talented managers that “get it”

    1. we arsenal fans in uganda are fed up of wenger he should leave our club & go away. Again da club should be sold.


  4. ARSENE WENGER IS TIRED HE SHOULD GO NOW THIS END OF SEASON, IT SEEMS LIKE LOSING EVERY GAME WITH HIM NOW IS ANOTHER WAY OF LIFE, WELL WE THE ARSENAL FANS DONT LIKE THAT, HE SHOULD LEAve us in peace and go. who cares with his 50 000 substitutes he had mad, we dont like such subs at all, he is even blind to see who is playing well on the pitch.

  5. you are all dreaming, this is all about money, which they don´t want to spend. do you think they are stupidoooo. they do not care about Arsenal winning something just make money, but the f***ing question is can they make money with this player. except RVP and Oxy and Vermalen.

  6. this was a game we could of won. ox was the best player on the pitch. get rid of arsh,walc,djou. weng.

  7. Arsene Wenger is ever defensive on anything he does!! We are not interested of your excuses we want to win even a trophy so buy players b4 the transfer windle is over if not Next season will b another manager finish! Song is tired and RVP needs someone better to help score if NOT prepare for worse!!

  8. i wonder what TW14 was doing on the field! If anybody is to be subbed, it should’ve been benayoun for walcott and never ashavin running on our pitch again. WENGER blew this game, he should be investigated for match fixing cos golf player who knows nothing about soccer will obviously see how wrong the substitution was even RVP’s reaction says it all. That the OX was sick during the week! Common stop lieing wenger else we’ll see it on any of the site as rumor of fact(news). Gunners till i die

  9. Wenger if it was a must for you to bring in Arshavin, Ox wasn’t the man to bring out, Walcott was already out of the game coz Evra ‘dnt allow him to pase as he always do..

  10. It wasnt the best decision by Wenger, he should of either kept on the Ox or bought Benayoun on for him instead.
    But saying that the quality of Arsenals current team is Wengers fault is a miss calculation. Having Wenger as our manager gets more out of the players we have than anyone who could realistically replace him. Yes he isnt good at man management and cares too much about players feelings, which can be bad for individual games but is good for the development of players.
    Arsenals problems are to do with the board being cheap skates. We would still have Nasri and will keep Van Persie if they would make even another successful budget signing or increase the top end earning of our wage structure like Wenger wants.
    The are plenty of positives to come from this game though, Rosicky didnt play as crappy as usual, Wenger will no longer be able to justify saying Arshavin is going to make a comeback and Oxlaide Chamberlain will be ahead of him in the pecking order from now on…. and at the end of the season when we all settle down and have a look over everything that has happened and have finished 5th on goal difference, people will be fully justified in asking the board why they didnt bring anyone in and the pressure will only build throughout the rest of the season soooo we may finally have our big name signing next summer guys! (Although we will be out of the champions league then so dont hope for anyone too good ie Hazard, Gotze.)

  11. RVP missed a shot my 5 y.o. would have nailed.
    Rosicky had a shot blocked out of nowhere by a Utd defender.
    Theo missed the whole target from ten yards.
    Ramsey did,but from about 18 yards.
    Djourou ball watched for the entire first half.
    Vermaelen ball watched for two seconds.
    Song was lazy AGAIN in defence.
    Tell me exactly how Wenger is responsible for grown men,playing football at the highest level making such basic errors.
    I can’t for the life of me explain why he took Ox off…I was gobsmacked at the time…..but if one more moronic fool suggests it cost us the game,I will bloody cry.
    Its fine to want Wenger out,buy stop bloody ignoring the facts and replacing them with your own twisted take on events to get your opinion across.
    We created more chances and failed to take them……THAT IS WHY WE LOST!!!!!

  12. i never thought iwould ever say this but after yesterdays arshavin debackle it is time for wenger to go he is past his sell by date

  13. For how long AW is going to be allowed to destroy our beloved Team. Its time for him to go with his dead woods.. Djou, Walc, Arsh and Squi to name just a few. AW the bank manager has run out of ideas. Time out. Thanks for past successes.


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