Hola Gooners! What a wonderful day it is. While we are still in a happy mood as a result of our slim victory over Bournemouth, I will like to bring your notice to something I observed while watching the game. Did we all observe that for the first 30 minutes or so of the game, we shut out Bournemouth? They had no attempt on goal until after 30 minutes. Is this not impressive?

The tempo Arsenal started the game with was so explosive; we began the game like a team who knew we had nothing else to fight for apart from the FA cup. We started the game with an impressive attacking play and before we had gotten to play up to ten minutes of the game, we had netted a goal; a sweet goal at that. Just as the cherries were thinking of settling down to give Arsenal a game, we scored a second goal. The game was all about us; our goal keeper for the day was virtually on holidays. When the channel I was watching brought up the possession percentage after 30 minutes, I was wowed by what I was seeing. I could not believe that Arsenal, who were used to conceding loads of shots, were able to keep a team from scoring for over 30 minutes! Is my darling Arsenal defence not getting better?

I know some people here would ask; “What is the big deal”? Well, the big deal here is that we played a very good premiership side in the FA cup and this team is a team known for causing upsets; they have beaten so many big teams in the past and beating Arsenal won’t have been a new thing, per se. Aside that, this season has seen Arsenal lose to almost every team in the Premiership, including teams that should normally be scared of playing against us. We have been so bad that I always try looking for positives in our game, and not conceding a shot on or off target, is something to be celebrated. Don’t we think so?

I really want to thank Arteta for the work he has done so far. I seriously wish he can be fully supported by the board; they should get any player or coach he wants to work with. He has done well with the ones he has currently, can we imagine what he would do if given the players he wants? If Arteta is given one or two players this season, then there is every possibility that as the season unfolds, we will see more of what Arsenal did against Bournemouth for 30 minutes or so. We could even start shutting out players for the whole 90 minutes.

Nothing is impossible. We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua

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