Wenger:”England are outsiders for Euro 2012”


Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger said in the last conference press before the game against Sunderland that England’s national team has no chance in winning the Euro 2012, and that they would be better off with an English manager leading them towards European glory.

“Harry Redknapp is a candidate, he is English, he is ready, he is happy to do it and you [the media] have already chosen him, so don’t doubt it too much!”

“I always told you that for me the national team needs an English manager and I will never change that view for one minute.”

“I will keep my exact principle and I think it is important for you [English people] as well because if a foreign manager wins a European Championship you will say somewhere that it is not completely an English triumph.”

“For me England are outsiders [for Euro 2012]. They can maybe win it if they click just right at the time of the competition and their main players – Gerrard, Rooney – are in fantastic form.

“For example Steven Gerrard has not played for a long time now but if he comes back after a good rest in top form, then why not? And Capello has the quality to get the best out of the team, you cannot deny that.”

This statement of Wenger’s might be seen as an attack on England’s manager Fabio Capello, but it’s really not. All Wenger is trying to say is that the English would be better off having this joy as a family with no outside visitors, and at the moment that’s what Fabio Capello is for England’s national team. A great manager, but still an outsider.

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