Wenger:”It’s a time to transform everything into positive results”

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger was quoted on Arsenal’s official website saying that the game at White Hart Lane against Tottenham was one of the best games The Gunners played so far, and that they were not defeated due to a poor performance, but because of the “details”.

“I would have loved to have played three days later,” he told Arsenal.com

“Because I felt the quality of performance was there but the outcome was very frustrating and somewhere I felt we punished ourselves.”

“It is frustrating because I feel the basis inside the team is very good, that the quality of our play is improving game-to-game, that the attitude of the players is very good. “

“But now it is time to transform all of that into positive results, knowing that to win or lose is not down to coincidence. It is down to concrete facts and these at the moment are details and not really basic qualities. “

“We were not beaten on the day by a bad performance but because the details you need in big games were not on our side and that was very frustrating. The disappointment was big and ideally I would have loved to have played again soon afterwards. But maybe to get that game out of the players’ heads it was better for them to have the international games.”

The French manager must get over the moment and put a team together which can win on Sunday against Sunderland. Arsenal is currently in the 15th place in the English Premier League table and if Wenger still wants to have any chance at the title or at the top four places he would better start winning.

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