Wenger:”Walcott is a decisive player”


Arsene Wenger praised his winger Theo Walcott for the attitude he had lately and for the amount of work he puts in every training session. According to the French manager the Arsenal footballer is evolving into a better team player, and he will be a good asset for England’s national team at the Euro 2012.

“Yes, I think he has made progress as a team player,” said the manager. “He works very hard, Theo, because he’s naturally a guy who thinks ahead. And he works harder for the team. He is making progress, I think, this season.”

“You feel there is a real desire from him to play with the others, and that was perhaps his weak point before. I think at the moment he’s working very hard on that.

“I saw the England game [against Montenegro] and I thought he has worked hard for the team, but the whole team suffered. I’ve not seen the first 20 minutes but from 20 to 90, he was not the only one who suffered in this game, because Montenegro dominated the game.”

“I think he can make a decisive impact in every single game,” he said. “Even in that game, you can say ‘OK he had not a great game’, maybe, but he was efficient. And that’s the problem. “

“When you look at Theo, he’s a player who you think sometimes ‘he could have contributed more then’, but then you think ‘who scored the goal?’ Him. Or ‘who made the pass?’ It’s him. He’s a player who is efficient.”

Theo Walcott did indeed have some extraordinary performances since the season started, and he was one of the best Arsenal footballer despite the weak form the club is going through. Everybody is expecting The Gunners to bounce back, and Walcott seems to be the man who will help his colleagues get back in form before it’s too late.

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