Wenger – It was a fantastic experience! What about Santos?

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger proved to be delighted of the match the Gunners played against Olympiakos and declared that it was an excellent piece of experience for the young footballers which had the chance to play against the Greek side last night.

“It was a fantastic experience, they realise what intensity that you need at this level and some young players have shown good things,” said the Frenchman.

“But there was a bit of lack of experience and maturity in midfield where you need to hold the ball better when we were under pressure.”

“We had the early chances, but Olympiakos played a very committed game and made a good battle,” he said.

“We lost too many balls in the first half and overall became a bit insecure.

“We could sense there was something more at stake for Olympiakos than us, and that made a difference.

“Overall Olympiakos deserved to win, but unfortunately for them it is not enough to qualify.”

Wenger seems to be forgetting the fact that this fantastic experience came at a really big price given Santos’ injury. According to the Frenchman the injury it’s a harsh one which may keep the Brazilian defender out for a while, so Wenger should be a bit more worried about this because Arsenal already plays without a right-back and now they’ll have to play without a left-back as well.

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One thought on “Wenger – It was a fantastic experience! What about Santos?

  1. ‘Fantastic experince’ indeed!!!!!!!!!! it’s hurting to loose even a non consequential game. these were the same players demading first team chance and they got it. where are they now!? it was a pathetic display. we are always throwing beef at the manager but has anybody ever tried to find out whether we indeed have a Coach? the team’s ball control was poor, holding the ball for too long and then loosing it or passing it to a player who is already surrounded by three or more opponents. they need to learn the art of first touch fast pass game. they need to learn how to counter attack. that is why Barca excells. anyway, ox ,manone and miquel played really well

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