Wenger Admits Arsenal Rumours Are True

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger admitted that the club is now looking for a potential transfer, but stated again that a loan move is the more likely outcome if any good opportunity will show up.

According to the Frenchman the target at the moment is to transfer a full-back as a temporal replacement for all the injured full-backs at the club.

“At the moment we are exploring potential situations we can take advantage of but there is nothing concrete,” the Frenchman told Arsenal.com

“Hopefully the players will come back very quickly now. With Carl Jenkinson we had very good news on his scan and he is starting to practice again, we have Thomas Vermaelen who is the first to come back, Bacary Sagna is evolving well and Santos is doing well too. Let’s hope they all come back quickly.

“All over the world we have our eyes and we look for good [players].

“It is very simple in a situation like that. You might take a player who doesn’t play at all somewhere, who is not necessarily fit quicker than a player who is injured. Or you take a young, potential player who has not made it somewhere.

“A player who plays anywhere in the world at the moment will not be available on loan, it doesn’t exist. It can only be a guy who doesn’t play or a promising player who has not yet made it completely who you could take advantage of.

“That is why it is not an easy situation. You have to consider that a guy who has not played for two months is not necessarily back quicker than Bacary Sagna or another player who is just coming back from injury.”

Arsenal might also be on the market for a striker even though the manager managed to sign French legend Thierry Henry on a loan move which will end in February, but no official reports have appeared yet.

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8 thoughts on “Wenger Admits Arsenal Rumours Are True

  1. Wenger needed to change what are hell is he talking, u denied POLODSKI and SUAREZ moves honestly u are not vision in achievement, yes it’s gd idea to get a loan defender. I can’t envisage, it’s time we have 2 win every game but we lack strength in front of goal HENRY is temporary solution. wake WENGER we can still win tittles this season if only u strengthened the squad, what I know is that the defense crisis is just for a while coz we have quality defender but rather forward strike to get goals

  2. wenger is confused coach, this is the man few decades of hrs back denied any move in the transfer but only loan defender if found, but why wenger. it’s is clear that we lack goal scoring strike to get goals & points apart from RVP, HENRY is just for a while

  3. Some people make me laugh on here. Talking about Wenger doesn’t know what his doing. How silly are you? Very, is the answer. The man has won 5 FA Cups and 3 Premierships. Whether it was 6 years ago or 6 decades ago, he still has more knowledge than ANY OF US COMBINED. So don’t go round saying he doesn’t know what his doing. He didn’t sign Podolski for a reason, what makes you think he’ll come and match RVP’s goal scoring threat anyway? Signing a player depends on 3 things. Arsenals desire to buy, the other clubs desire to sell and the players desire to sign. Learn about the business before signing up for the course

  4. The board members are also stupid nt only wenger bc the promised b4 that they wl find a good replacement for fabregas and nasri now dat vision is dead.he started biding for hazard,m villa,yann,gotze and so many of d europe best bt he wl neva buy any.now we talking abt a good striker but he wl never buy a knwn striker.they are birds of d same feather dat flucks together.

  5. Its true wenger, ‎​U̶̲̥̅̊ possibly can’t buy defenders when d ones on ground r temporarily injured,when they come back,where do they go?d club will then pay unneccessary wages.Loan deal of 2months is ok.b4 our players return.

  6. hopefully we get that loan full back very soon because we really need a player in that position while Santos and Gibbs recovers

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