Wenger admits blame for Arsenal’s title failure

Arsenal were flying in the Premier League for the whole of last year, but Arsene Wenger blames our spectacular demise since Christmas on the injuries to our best players and his own mismanagement of Aaron Ramsey that led to our downfall.

When asked why it all went so wrong, Wenger said, “For two reasons. The important injuries we had and the big fixtures during that period.

“We didn’t manage to win the big games. If we had everybody on board we could have won it. We were 17 or 18 times top of the league during the season but we lost Walcott, [Jack] Wilshere, [Mesut] Ozil, Ramsey and [Laurent] Koscielny at an important part of the season.

“It’s just too much. If you imagine Manchester City without [David] Silva, [Yaya] Toure and [Vincent] Kompany at the same period of the season, it’s not the same team.

“Maybe I made a mistake in overplaying Ramsey during a long period in the season and when I saw the first signs of fatigue I should have rested him. Although the others were accidental, we made a mistake in not resting Ramsey.”

My problem with Wenger is that we all knew in January that Walcott was out for the season, and that Giroud was also being overplayed (as well as Ramsey), so surely it is also Wenger’s fault for not bringing in competent backup during the January window. And as for the Man City comparison, that doesn’t ring true because simply Pelligrini’s team had more than enough classy backups to cover for Toure, Silva and Kompany while they were out of action. This was Wenger’s big chance of actually fighting for the title for a change and he blew it in style.

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3 thoughts on “Wenger admits blame for Arsenal’s title failure

  1. U r the only one to blame. Because u r the responsible to give squad depth. Ur lack of desire to win the title gives arsenal this position.

  2. I think this should be a tripartite blames. One blame for Korenke and Usmonov for not injecting initial capital funds into Arsenal transfer purse as a free intervention fund. But rather they want my Mr Wenger to run the club as a purely business oriented profit making enterprise for them. Which is good. But apart of these two business men buying up shares from the former share holders of Arsenal FC, I have not heard when they give money to the boss to help him with his signings. Abramovich and the Arab oil magnet, have made Chelsea and Man City what they are today by their financial interventions into their clubs. The Glazers family’s money has brought stardom to Man Utd. Liverpool is coming up with their owner’s financial intervention. The boss has been managing on what profit he makes to buy player for the club and pays them their wages. Secondly, I fault the boss for not been aggressive with the owners of the club for money to buy players. Or alternatively, he should have source for better lucrative sponsors deal that will bring-in more money for him like Man U have done. Let the boss look for money aggressively. And thirdly, I blame those players that play-on during the injury crisis for their collapse, crumble and chicken out. Gush! Are they not internationals? What kind of internationals are they? Internationals with no guts and fighting spirits? This injuries excuse given by these players is ridiculous. Ozil, Walcott, Wilshere and Koscielny weren’t injured at thesame time. Even if they were, the players that are not injured should be able to deliver the Premier title to us with only 86 points maximum. But rather than them doing just that, they preferred to give us excuses for their mediocrity performance. Imagine them losing at stoke, drawing at home with Swansea and lost away to Everton. Taking only 1pt out of the possible 9pts. This is where we lost the title. Imagine Everton with borrowed players contesting a CL spot with Arsenal.

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