Wenger admits financial reasons for not quitting Arsenal


With the Arsenal fans planning to vent their frustration at what has happened to our Premier League title challenge this season and what is seen as the complacency and stagnancy affecting our club from the top down, Arsene Wenger has tried to put his side of the story across and regain some respect from the Gooners before it all kicks off today during the game against Norwich City.

The BBC reports that the Arsenal boss wants unhappy fans to remember what he did for us back when the club needed him to keep us in the Champions League to help pay off the loans taken out to build the new stadium. He even suggested that the loans would not have been given to Arsenal without the agreement of the Frenchman to stay in charge and see us through those years of having to compete with the massive spending of rival clubs like Chelsea on a fraction of their transfer budget.

He said, “When we built the stadium the banks demanded that I signed for five years.

“Do you want me to say how many clubs I turned down during that period?

“The banks wanted the technical consistency to guarantee that we have a chance to pay them back.

“I did commit and I stayed, and under very difficult circumstances.

“So for me to come back and, on top of that, (critics) reproach me for not having won the championship during that period, it is a bit overboard.”

I agree that Wenger did a fantastic job for us over that period and when you hear that it was the likes of Real Madrid that wanted him then you have to say he did us a huge favour and deserves massive credit for that and more respect from the Arsenal fans because of it.

On the other hand, he is one of the highest paid football managers in the world and his salary of around £8.3 million a year according to The Telegraph might just make you feel a little less sorry for him and guess that the loans for the building of the Emirates stadium were not the only financial reason behind Wenger staying at Arsenal.

What do you think?

1 thought on “Wenger admits financial reasons for not quitting Arsenal

  1. Then he must thank the Banks for still having a job, with RM he would lasted 2 seasons tops before they sent him packing

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