Wenger admits his “shock” at Arsenal being 2-0 down

Arsenal came back to earn a well-deserved FA Cup winners medal yesterday, but Arsene Wenger admitted that he was very worried when his team were 2-0 down after just nine minutes against a mid-table Hull side.

He said after the game: “We made a demonstration of how to respond to being 2-0 down, and a demonstration of how not to start a cup final!”

“I was shocked. We were a bit hesitant and you wonder if the shock would be too hard, but this team has a special spirit and a special togetherness to respond.”

“To lose today would have been a major setback. To win is a good platform to come back stronger next year,”

But Wenger didn’t want to raise fans hopes too much, when he emphasised, yet again, how difficult it is just to gain a place in the Top Four every season.

“The Premier League is very tough.” he continued. “You look at the top four this year and you have no Manchester United, no Everton, no Tottenham Hotspur.

“All these clubs have invested a huge amount of money, and the club that won the league have invested an incredible amount of money so it’s difficult to beat them, but we’ll try.”

Come on Wenger! Just buy us a top striker and a strong defensive midfielder and we will be better straight away!

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