Wenger Admits Important Transfer Market Activity

The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger spoke at the press conference about what people should expect from this year’s summer transfer window, and according to him there’s quite a bit to look up to.

The Frenchman snubbed rumours which were saying that the Gunners are going to be highly active on the transfer market saying that they don’t need a lot of players, because they currently have a large number of quality players and the squad can only hold 25 players.

However, Wenger admitted that the Gunners are going to be highly active when it comes to big players and that they are looking to bring some big names in the summer. A few names have been linked with the Gunners, and German striker Lukas Podolski seems to be a sure target for Wenger who acknowledged his interest in the forward’s skills in several occasions.

Other excellent players like Frenchmen Olivier Giroud, Steve Mandanda and Yann M’Vila are also rumoured to be on Wenger’s summer list which also holds the names of players like Hazard, Vertonghen, Mertens, Gotze and perhaps a few others I might have forgotten to mention.

By far the best rumour if we look at things from an Arsenal fan’s point of view, is that linking the Dutchman Arjen Robben with a move to the Emirates Stadium, but as good as it sounds the deal is one almost impossible to make for Wenger who surely can’t offer Robben the wage he would request.

Which ‘quality’ signings do you think Arsenal will make this summer?

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30 thoughts on “Wenger Admits Important Transfer Market Activity

  1. We need a CB, which will be a back up for Koscielny or Verminator. Also we need one more quality CF. We should try to get Sturridge in this summer from chelsea. He is very talented. Chelsea is in crisis and champions league qualification should help Arsenal to bring in big players. ( unlucky Juan mata ….hahaha).

    Players in : Sturridge, Vertonghen, Podolski
    Players out : Denilson, C.Vela

  2. Anyone but Robben. Terrible call on your part. Why would we get a selfish aging loud mouth on insane wages? I’ll be happy with what Arsene decides to put in. Two quality players in and no quality players out would suit me fine.

  3. I think getting Podolki and Yann M’Vila are enough. We bring those two and sell Asharvin, Charmakh, Scholari, Allumni, Danilson, Carlos, Bendtner and keep the rest. Promote or bring back Miyachi, Afobe, Henri, Joel Campell. We will be title contenders.

  4. We`re getting carried away again. Podolski and Vertonghen probably. Hazard, Robben M`Vila and the rest, no chance, but we might get a goalkeeper. Let`s get rid of the `deadwood`.

  5. I’m not getting my hopes up. We’ve heard this before (last year), and were disappointed. Podolski is a good player, but not the “big” name that Wenger seems to be insinuating.

  6. I agree with Aussie Jack, Podolski and Verthongen. They fill two important squad roles, one as a second goalscorer and the other as versatile defensive cover. I would like to see a bit more creativity in the side, which sounds strange considering recent form but I do think the attacking players lack a little in terms of vision. If Jack can excel in that department we’ll be ok. I’m sure many would like to se Denilson and Diaby sold to be replaced by M’Vila but I think Diaby will be kept and M’Vila will go elsewhere. Bendtner is starting to score so he might fetch a bit of cash when he’s inevitably sold. Chamakh must be on his way too I would think. I wouldn’t be surprised to see many more leaving than are purchased with the quantity of players out on loan.

    1. I don’t think wenger with his economy will go for big names like the one the list,may b lets wait comes window transfer

    2. Diaby is a beast. He proved it when he came on against Liverpool. Yes, he’s also a crock but every team has one of those, he still has many years ahead of him, it would be stupid to sell him.

  7. still we trust Wenger’s words.
    How many times he told this words before. At the end he will simply say, we didn’t find any world class players to sign.

    This is all targeting RVP stay i think.

  8. There is no changes dat wenger we bring,ones rvp is not sold,u will be ear same story: vp going noware,diaby is back and strong,jack w. will be available dis year,all dis are old story.wenger need to be replaced. without that forget it my friend,no achivement for arsenal. trophiless season continue.

  9. podi and vertongen are very likely quality to be added.and i will like to see a more creative passer in the middle. up gunner!!!

  10. I’m imagining what Hazard can do when d likes of Podolski and captain fantastic is upfront. Start expecting lotz of goal. But don’t 4get dat d back is still open. I have a great penchant 4 Hazard and i’ll like 2 see him in a red shirt once more.

  11. We need m,villa,podoliski and J.vetorgen so dat we cover them to our current players den we can take any trophy on dis earth

  12. get me podolski,a keeper&a defender,get rid of ramsy,daiby&other stagnant players&wl b gd again

  13. We would definitely need a striker to share the burden with RvP. Podolski would be a fantastic buy in my opinion.. Podolski will play on the left with Walcott on the right and RVP in the middle. Podolski can also play as the main CF if RVP is injured or needs a rest, and let’s not forget we still have gervinho and ox to back us up. Miyaichi is coming back nxt season, and if he isn’t loaned out again, then we will need him on the wings. Sell Arshavin, chamakh, bendtner and park!!

    For midfield, if we have signed song for another few years, then he would be our DM. I wouldn’t say no if M’vila us coming to join us. But then again, he isn’t really needed because behind song we have frimpong, a tiger himself and the ever impressive Coquelin whom was very unlucky to have gotten injured this semester, for he was performing so well.

    For me next season would like be song and arteta holding and wilshere as the CAM. Let ramsey and rosicky be the back up to wilshere and arteta. Do we need a gotze or hazard?? That would be great if either player comes to arsenal. But given their high price tag, I don’t think we will see either one next season.

    For defense, do we need vertonghen?? He is an excellent player that is able to play across a number of positions. This season we were unlucky to have all our full backs injured. I dun believe we will be that unlucky again next season. We also have 3 excellent CB in TV5, Kos and Merte, as well as DJ whom can give top strikers a game too if he wants.. Therefore, where would that leave vertonghen?

    So for this summer, all I wish to see is the acquisition of podolski or any other quality striker.. Any other players joining arsenal would be considered a great great bonus!!

  14. We really need a great defender dt is injury free, bcause lookg into dis season we have defensive prob. wich is leavg us trophines season. we also need 2 easy d work of Rvp by getting podoski if we can do dt we r going 2 win trophy nxt season. up gunners

  15. I really want a total clear-out of Arshavin,Bendtner,Charmakh,Squilaci,Almunia,Djoelou,Vela,Denison and use the money to bring-in established players and also bring back Ryo,Campbel,Afobe,Lansbury,Aneke and if this is done i believe we’ll contend for the title next season.

  16. I would rather cross my fingers and waite to see what ”Top Players” Wenga brings in, in the summer rather than waist pages suggesting. After all ”in Wenga we trust”.

  17. in my opinion, firstly Wenger must sell the unwanted player like bendtner, denilson and vela because their heart are not belonged to the club anymore. Then the uneffective players like almunia, fabianski, chamakh, squillaci, park ju yong can be put to the transfer market and let them free to go. After that Wenger will have a wide view and can make decision whether to buy new player or not. But i know Wenger is not cruel like that and always support their players. For me, podolski and vertonghen are excellent player because they are able to play in various position. Sadly to heard for arshavin because after all these years he had give a good impact to the club but at the end of his career he was left out. Lets hope a good news in the summer transfer market.

  18. Wenger should go for vertonghen, podolsky, m’villa and a goalkeeper. That goes to make arsenal a top contender next season. Likewise i would love to see all the dead woods cleared from arsenal wonderful team next season. The likes of Chamak, bedinner, vela .denilson, arshavin shud be cleard to pave way for Ryo,Flim,Conq and Campel.

  19. We dont really need to start wasting our time, mr Wenger knows what he want, our opinion dosn’t really count, let us just keep to our word (In Arsen we trust). But really to win the league nest season, we need only three players podosky, vantogen & goaze then keep van persey at all cost, jet read of the dead woods charmerk, bentner, squilarsh, park, denilson, ashavin, and bring back ryo, cambell. Then come may 2013, we should be celebrating three trophies. I pray mr Wenger see it this way.

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