Wenger – Arsenal are close to top teams, (and Mourinho slams Wenger Trophy!)

With punishment imminent for the likes of Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain, Arsene Wenger has said that he will be making only minimal changes to his Arsenal squad in the summer. Man City and PSG are believed to have been offered a settlement deal of wage caps by UEFA for their Champions League squad for next season.

Arsene Wenger, who is highly critical of lavish spending on players wants to bring in two or three players and is confident that the core of the squad is good enough to catch up with the Premier League top teams.

He said: ‘It will be busy but the main thing for us will be to keep the stability because we feel we are close, we want to add something that makes us even stronger. But number-wise, it will not be massive.

‘At the moment I have people around me who start to look.

‘From my experience the World Cup years have always been very quiet until the end of the World Cup, with no players reachable.

‘Everybody is focused in the country on their national team and there’s not a lot happening, people are away.

‘I believe this year again you will have to wait until the July 15 to start going.”

Arsenal have been linked with many players over the course of the season with reinforcements believed to be required at centre forward and central defence. A midfield enforcer is also believed to be needed by an Arsenal side that were walloped too often by their rivals this term.

Meanwhile, Jose Mourinho has taken another swipe at his eternal rival and Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger. The Chelsea boss and Arsene Wenger have a running fued with the Portuguese saying earlier in the season that Wenger was a ‘specialist in failure.’

Speaking in the aftermath of his club’s exit at the hand of Athletico Madrid, Mourinho said: ‘It’s not a cup; I don’t want to get a bonus for finishing in the top four. No way, no way. The moment i think like that I’m in trouble.’

Are you listening Arsene?

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2 thoughts on “Wenger – Arsenal are close to top teams, (and Mourinho slams Wenger Trophy!)

  1. Wenger that’s not your money we need more players the problem with you is that you don’t consider injuries.sell your useless giroud and then top up that money to buy a world class striker..we don’t want excuss next season please old thinking wenger

  2. That’s fine, considering we still have the FA cup. By that reasoning, Jose’s season is a failure, whereas Arsene’s could be a success still. Can you say that qualifying for the champion’s league doesn’t matter? No. It gives an awful lot more revenue to the club and attracts players who come from smaller teams (Lars Bender, Suarez last Summer), or players from big teams who don’t wish to lose it (do you think Ozil would have went to Arsenal without champion’s league football?). Qualifying for Europe was just a condition to give Arsene breathing space when it came to what little spending the board allowed him. However, the F.A. cup is a real trophy, and is more than Jose Mourinho is going to get his hands on this season. We’ll see who the failure is when Jose’s spending is restricted.

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