Wenger – Arsenal are enjoying the pressure!

Arsenal have fought back from a seven-point deficit behind Tottenham to end up going into the final match of the season with a one-point advantage, needing just one more win to secure their accustomed place in the Champions League next season.

Obviously they are under extreme pressure to get another three points at Newcastle this afternoon, but Wenger is happy to be in this position especially if you consider the alternative!

“The pressure is big, of course,” said Wenger. “But I always said the worst, in my job, is to play games without any pressure.

“Sometimes you think it would be nice to have a game with no pressure, but when you have one you think `let’s get it back, it’s so boring`.

“What would be terrible would be to Newcastle and have nothing at stake for us. We have what we wanted so let’s just finish the job.”

Considering the rollercoaster season Arsenal have had up til now it is great to have something to play for in this last game, but I would rather we were one point ahead of Man United at the top of the League instead. This is what we must be aiming for next season.

Finish the job today Arsenal, and lets start looking forward to next season with confidence.

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