Wenger: Arsenal are on a good run in the League – Lets carry it on….


Arsene Wenger is trying everything to galvanise his troops ahead of the massive North London derby on Sunday, and as usual he likes to put a positive slant on on any statistics that can show that Arsenal is actually doing well!

For today, he admits that the team has had two disappointing (to put it mildly!) results, but they were both in Cup competitions and if you look at the Gunners’ recent League results you will see that Arsenal are unbeaten in their last three games…..

“We had disappointing results, especially in Milan,” Wenger said.

“The Sunderland game was a bit unfortunate for two reasons: we played three away games on difficult pitches and the game was positioned on an impossible day for us after coming back from Milan. We lost a game against a team with zero shots on target, we scored two own goals.

“We were a bit unlucky because Sunderland played well but there was a 100 per cent penalty on Robin van Persie, things went against us but we won just one week before against Sunderland in the league.

“In the championship we have drawn 0-0 at Bolton and beat Blackburn with a good score. Let’s continue our run. No matter what we say at the moment it will be printed in a negative way. So it is up to us to transform that in a positive way.”

I must admit that I WANT to see positives in the League form, but only two wins (over an abysmal Blackburn and Sunderland) in our last SIX League games doesn’t sound quite so good…..

I just hope the Arsenal players are feeling a little more confident than I am!

2 thoughts on “Wenger: Arsenal are on a good run in the League – Lets carry it on….

  1. Perhaps if we just decided league positions based on Arsene’s deluded mind we might win something before 2020.

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