Wenger – Arsenal MUST finish in Top Four (so we must beat Man Utd!)


Arsene Wenger has responded to the strange comments by Peter Hill-Wood this week that it would not be a problem if Arsenal missed out on a Champions League place, despite the Gunners qualifying every year for the last 15 seasons.

Hill-Wood said: “We have been planning for not qualifying every year, so it is not a disaster, but it would be nice if we could.”

But Arsene Wenger disagrees and said on Arsenal.com that it indeed WOULD be a disaster if the club fails to make it 16 years in a row.

“For me it would be a disaster because I want to play with the best,” he said. “We want to be in there, in the top four, and to play in the Champions League. Anything else would not be good enough.”

But it is not looking good right now. If Chelsea beat Norwich this morning they will move seven points ahead of Arsenal in fourth place, and don’t forget that if Liverpool and Newcastle win as well then Arsenal will turn out tomorrow as low as seventh in the table.

This will make a win against Man Utd imperative if Arsenal intend to stay in the race for the Champions League. Arsenal bounced back earlier this season at Chelsea, and us fans can only hope that they can do it again tomorrow despite having a makeshift defence…..

3 thoughts on “Wenger – Arsenal MUST finish in Top Four (so we must beat Man Utd!)

  1. Thats why I have been doubting the intention of not keeping the standard by signing supper stars. Now we know that the intention is to downgrade the team from the best to the middle. It is possible. Look at Blackburn, New casle, Liverpool, Ipswitch, Coventry and all

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