Wenger – Arsenal should be an example

Arsene Wenger is set to stay at Arsenal beyond this season extending his stay to the 20-year mark. The French manager insists that he has given the board of directors his word and would not renege on their agreement. The two-year extension has been on the table since late last year.

When questioned about his future, Wenger responded saying, ‘Look, I have said that many times already, I have given my word to this club and that I want to continue where I am.’
When he was pushed to speak in more lucid terms, he added: ‘That means to stay.’

Furthermore, the league’s current longest serving manager is appalled by the sacking of David Moyes by Manchester United. He believes the spate of sacking will hinder both the clubs and the education of the younger players coming through, which is where Arsenal excel.

‘After a game there’s a trial going on everywhere and the clubs need to be stronger,’ he said.
‘We have some countries, like Brazil, where they have five or six managers at a club in the same season. (If that happens) then nobody will trust a young player again because if they lose one game then he is out. Nobody will educate a player if he knows after one game he’s out.

‘The people who invest money will want the freedom to sack who they want but it’s in their interest to have stability. If you have 20 billionaires in the Premier League, there will only ever be one champion and three clubs that go down.

‘I believe you want competent people in charge and competent people demand people with quality to do the job. If instability comes too quickly you might suffer.’

Wenger is vocally critical of the new found wealth of clubs like Chelsea and Manchester City. He calls it ‘financial doping’ and is eager for the Financial Fair Play Rules to take effect.

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