Wenger – Arsenal’s defence was horrendous!

Arsene Wenger was scathing in his attack on Arsenal’s defenders after conceding three goals against newly-promoted Norwich on Saturday. Although Arsenal had Thomas Vermaelen return this season after a year out through injury, and also the acquired Per Mertesacker in the summer, the defence has conceded a record 47 goals so far this season (a record during Wenger’s tenure).

It seems that Wenger has still not realised that you can’t always score more than your opponent if you don’t have a solid back line, or perhaps he seriously believed that our former frailties had been strengthened.

This is what Wenger said this morning on Arsenal.com: “I feel mentally we were not switched on to play a game of that stature in the first half,”

“We were absolutely poor defensively today, which is quite surprising because recently we have been solid.

“We came back into the game, we had a great second half, but again we made the mistakes at the back which were absolutely unbelievable. It is a big disappointment because when you come back into the game like we did from 2-1 and then give a goal away in the way that we did.

“At the back everybody was absolutely horrendous for the third goal. It is just not acceptable. We can play them offside with a bit of intelligence and I feel that the way we conceded the goal was just unexplainable.”

It is hard to disagree with Wenger, but it is also unusual to hear him criticize the team’s failings so strongly. Let’s hope that they take note of his anger and are a bit more careful against West Brom next week.

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4 thoughts on “Wenger – Arsenal’s defence was horrendous!

  1. The problem is not with the defence. The problem lies in the mIdfield. With Ramsey in the middle we have a problem, because he runs all over the pitch needlessly. This leaves very little cover In front to the defence as song also tends to go forward. Arteta in the other hand sits deeps, makes few but effective forward runs and is efficient and effective. In the second goal the we conceded against Norwich Ramsey wasnt that far but didn’t even make an attempt to get back. If we sort out the Ramsey role in the team the defence will function well again.

  2. Okay, so our defense has not been settled this year (so many injuries) but, I fail to see how we can make the same mistake time and time again only for Arsene Wenger to say the same thing time and time again?. This is like an ever decreasing circle or a roundabout ride. After all is said and done we are still conceding bad goals at this stage of the season. Stop with the excuses and do something about it!. If we haven’t learned by now we never will. What does that tell you? Bring back Adams to work with Bould you tight arse club!!

  3. It amazes me when Wenger as a coach or Manager talks like this. It is often said that a house not built on solid rock cannot stand.Arsenal has not got the structure at the defense to defend well. Lets look at the defense. We have Gibbs, Sagna, Vanm,and Kosh. All these are attackers most of the time. They often forget that they are defenders. To add insult to injury, Wenger’s son Ramsey runs all over the pitch with no defensive instincts. If you check, most of the goals Arsenal have conceded this season are no more from set pieces but from counter attacks. How many other teams in the premiership concede goals in like manner? Wenger should change this. You have seen how other teams win matches with ten men. Arsenal has never gone on to win a match with ten men if they were not leading before a man was sent off. Let Wenger change his match tactics and react better during games. He should also try other young players and leave Ramsey alone. We have got the advantage again for third place provided we win at Westbrom. Don’t be surprised if Wenger maintains the same starting eleven less Sagna and also including his son, Ramsey and plays the same tactics so we lose again. Such has been the lot of this team under this man.

  4. Wenger is the cause of all this.If he were a good coach, the one that orders his team 2 stay here and they stay there, especially the defenders arsenal would’ve got a solid defencive formality.Wenger should be comanding 2wards his team.

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