Wenger – Arshavin Is Staying In January

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger seems unwilling to let Russian forward Andrey Arshavin go in January even though the winger grew frustrated by the lack of chances he got with the Gunners since the summer when Gervinho was brought in.

According to Wenger his plans with the former Zenit player are not yet over and he needs him to be there for the second part of the season, so a possible transfer away from the club is unlikely.

“I am losing players like ­Marouane Chamakh and ­Gervinho to the African Cup of Nations, but I have players like Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ju Young Park and Andrey ­Arshavin to come in.”, said Wenger

This is coming after the press went crazy linking Arshavin with a possible return to his “home” club Zenit in January. The striker proved himself annoyed by the lack of chances on several occasions, and in the last game against Everton he was part of a misfortunate incident which irritated him.

Arshavin got ready to get onto the pitch but Van Persie’s goal changed plans for Wenger who chose to send Frimpong, Miquel and Rosicky instead, so the Russian had to get his jacket back on and watch the rest of the match from the bench. This comes as a blow for a forward with Arshavin’s skill, but Wenger’s plan with him is still very much unclear.

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