Wenger blames strikers and fixture congestion for Arsenal downfall


Arsenal may not have given up completely on winning the title yet and are strongly hoping that Leicester suddenly lose their impetus in the title race. Arsenal were extremely convincing in yesterday’s 4-0 destruction of Watford, but when compared to our woeful defeat to the same side a few weeks ago it just shows that Wenger’s side is unbelievably inconsistent.

Wenger believes that Arsenal were just as dominant in the FA Cup tie, but they lost simply because they couldn’t turn their superiority into goals. “We played well.” Wenger said after the match. “We had a good flow in our game and a good desire to play. Our technical quality was high and we combined the fact that we played well and that we could score as well. In the FA Cup defeat we had the same domination but we couldn’t score. That makes a big difference.”

Wenger also moaned that while Arsenal had to fit in their FA Cup games and Champions League ties against Barcelona into their tight schedule also gave Leicester the advantage in the title race. “The title is never there for the taking, you have to work for it.” Wenger continued. “Everybody works for it and you have to respect the teams who have more points than you, and who have not played in as many competitions. We played Watford, then went to Barcelona on Wednesday and then to Everton on Saturday. It’s not the same [for Leicester City]. People on the outside think it’s easy but you have to earn your points, work well in every game and recently we haven’t made the most of the chances we’ve created. We paid for that.”

The Frenchman then said that all Arsenal can do is keep winning and hope for the best in our rival’s results. “We want to focus on the way we play and keep the quality very high. Then we’ll see where we are. We will fight until the end to have a chance. The only way we can achieve that is by playing games with our team quality. That is based on our movement, on our technical ability to play at the highest level and at the highest pace.”

So we can only watch and hope this afternoon that Southampton can take the Foxes down a peg or two and give us a slight hope of catching Leicester. But I wouldn’t put money on it!

3 thoughts on “Wenger blames strikers and fixture congestion for Arsenal downfall

  1. That is big nonsense , Those strikers were signed to Arsenal by Arsene Wenger , he is also the one who is taking care of their training and match plan. Many other team have more congested fixtures and Arsenal is not a unique case. Wenger should stop blaming everybody elase except himself.

  2. When a Man fails to live up to Expectation, he starts looking for unjustified Excuses to cover his failure.

  3. Whinger moaning about fixtures but nobody is forcing you to be in all competitions. Leicester went out of their cup competitions and focused on the league. You can pick one competition and focus on it too but instead in your arrogance you think you have the tactical nous and team talent to win them all. Now you managed to fail at all of them instead of targeting and succeeding in one.

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