Wenger – Cazorla should have been rewarded for his outstanding play for Arsenal

The signing of Santi Cazorla from Malaga was surely one of Arsene Wenger’s most inspired transfer moves in the last few years, and he has been pleased to see the Spaniard be one of the most influential players for Arsenal this season, even contributing over ten goals from midfield as well.

But Wenger is extremely surprised that Santi was not named in the top Premiership XI of the year, and he believes this is definitely an error by the PFA. “I think he is a bit of an under-rated player in the Premier League,” Wenger said on Arsenal.com.

“When you think he was not in the PFA team of the season picked by the players, it’s quite harsh. Personally I would have put him in there.

“When you look at his quality, that is of course outstanding, but also his attitude and workrate for the team. He’s one of the players who has been absolutely outstanding this season.”

He has certainly not been under-rated by Arsenal fans, who watch him week-in and week-out, and if the rumours about some big clubs wanting to buy him then he hasn’t been un-noticed by them either!

But he is such a quiet unassuming charachter, maybe he just doesnt stand out as much as his louder rivals. But if he plays just as well next season, he will certainly get rewarded next time around….

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One thought on “Wenger – Cazorla should have been rewarded for his outstanding play for Arsenal

  1. honestly, I don’t mind Santi is not on PFA Team.
    at least he doesn’t become target for the other big spender teams like Man$ity or MADrid

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