Wenger: Chelsea had a great performance against Barcelona but today will be different


Arsene Wenger is preparing his Arsenal team to face a Chelsea side that has been in great form lately, culminating in the brilliant 1-0 win over the European Champions Barcelona in midweek, but Wenger thinks that today’s game at the Emirates will be a completely different affair.

“On the day Chelsea had a gameplan that worked a little bit,” Wenger said. “Maybe they were lucky because Barcelona hit the woodwork twice but I feel Chelsea played well with the system they wanted to play.

“They did remarkably well because the three central midfielders did well, the two wide players worked very hard and Gary Cahill and John Terry had a great game. The two of them blocked some shots from Messi and were remarkable sometimes. They had a great performance on the day with what they wanted to do. And Drogba did the rest.

“They won’t play the same way on Saturday, even for Chelsea that was a one-day solution. Because when you play against Barcelona you know they will have 70 per cent of the ball. Chelsea will not have much choice to play differently in the second leg but they have a lot of experience in their side and they know how to be on the pitch.”

Today, Chelsea are sure to rotate players to deal with their gruelling schedule, but they also have to get all three points if they are to keep their hopes of a top four finish alive, so have no choice but to attack.

It looks like we are in for a very exciting match this afternoon.

Come On You Gunners!

1 thought on “Wenger: Chelsea had a great performance against Barcelona but today will be different

  1. ι киσω they ωιℓℓ want †Φ attack wich will lead them †Φ ßε vunerable αт †нє back, go gunners 3-1 dats мγ prediction. Dis will ßε †нє biggest win dis season 4 мє bcos they just beat barca αη∂ ωε ωιℓℓ show barca άή †нє world how †Φ beat chelsea

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