Wenger confirms Arsenal close to first signing

Well well well. It seems that Wenger is moving very early in the transfer market, and there will be few Arsenal fans that will be surprised that the target is an unknown French striker from the French Second Division, and he is available on a free transfer!

His name is Yaya Sonogo and is at Auxerre at the moment, but the french club have inadvertently let the promising 20 year-old run his contract down. So this is why Wenger is confident he will be at the Emirates next season.

Wenger said: “It is in an advanced stages, but it is not done,” “I’m very confident. He is a young, promising striker who is a big talent.”

I am sure he is definitely one for the future, although his record of 9 goals in 19 games is not bad for a youngster, and he has also represented France at all levels up to U21, so he must have some talent in there somewhere. And at 6ft 3in he could certainly fill out to become a good Premiership prospect.

But PLEASE PLEASE Mr Wenger, buy a top, top, top striker like you keep promising us!

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12 thoughts on “Wenger confirms Arsenal close to first signing

  1. He must be the 30m man everyone was talking about in January. Wenger got us a 30m rated striker for free, everyone bow down to Arsene Wenger, one Arsene Wenger, blah blah blah, you all know the usual AKB chant.

  2. Why is my comment always waiting for moderation?

    ANSWER – Because that was your first comment on here. All first-timers are moderated. Now you are free as a bird.

  3. O boi here we go with promising young talent we need fackin world class striker mr wenger whats worng wit u

  4. Cheap Wenger! I bet of the so-called 7O million he is rumoured to get, he will buy 5 cheap players and still return 40 million to the till.

  5. All the usual predictable stupid comments from the ignorant fans, most of whom haven’t got a braincell to share amongst them.

  6. Why the negativity? The guys got serious potential and is free, Wenger would be stupid NOT to sign him up.

    Fact is, now we play a 4-5-1 system we can only afford to have 1 out and out first choice striker (which is giroud). If we sign another striker for £20 mil it means either him or giroud will spend most of their time warming up the bench, something I’m are neither one will be happy to do. By signing a young lad with top potential then we’ve got an understudy that’s hopefully capable of stepping up when needed (hopefully!).

    Add this to the fact we have Walcott and podolski in the squad it means we’d have 3 top international strikers and 1 with excellent potential. Not too shabby in my opinion.

    What we really need now is another winger (to come into the team if Podolski or Theo move up front) and a defender with potential that’s happy to play understudy for a year or two. Plus a world class defensive midfielder and I think we’ll be ready to challenge for honours again.

  7. As long any player from French sure AW will buy but this is very racist manager in EPL. ho only looking french player not others …we see today Giroud and poldo ? who have the forward skill ……damm u AW

  8. 1) Free!
    2) Chamakh and Bendtner are possibly leaving. That leaves us with ONE out and out striker.
    3) Doesn’t mean we won’t sign one more big striker does it? Seeing we’ll only have 2 strikers if Yaya comes. If we sign Jovetic, we can play him behind Giroud, without upsetting the system of playing 1 up front. If we sign too many true strikers, this might kill our game.
    4) With him at a young age, it seems realistic that he won’t mind being third choice to develop.
    5) I’d still trust Wenger AND his entire team of scouts.

  9. Most times I wonder if most gooners know what management is all about.Price has nothing to do with class.That this guy is for free sould not subject his potentials to questioning.Chelses bought Torres for 50m£ and Newcastle bought Demba Ba for free.Sissoko was a nobody before he join Newcatle,but look at his performance so far.How about Michu.Price is not class.Going by the statement Wenger made about his inability to sign Beckham fews seasons back,I’m so confident that he is ready to spend
    Yes I was interested in signing him (Beckham),but it was during the period where we could not afford to pay him,” Wenger said.
    Take note of the phrase “it was during the period”.Its ovbious we’re through with that period now.

  10. I’m hopin AW will sign Jovetic as earlier proposed, but sanogo shouldn’t βε̲̣̣̣̥ bad as an understudy

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