Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is now the longest serving manager in football management in England at the moment, having been in London for 17 years now, however with his current contract set to expire in the summer for Le Prof, he has made it very clear to the media that there is no guarantees that he will continue with Arsenal beyond the end of this season.

At the start of the season, there were suggestions that Wenger was once again being lined up by Paris Saint-Germain, whilst Real Madrid were also without a manager, however despite the rumours, Arsene Wenger once again stuck with Arsenal. The fans have also been on his back in recent years with many saying he should have been out the door many years ago after going several years without a trophy.

I personally don’t agree with that stance because I don’t think there is any better managers available at the moment that would come to Arsenal, and so whilst we still have a very good manager in Arsene Wenger we should definitely look to keep him for as long as he is still capable of doing the right job and I am confident he can bring us back to glory, it’s just a case of being more ambitious.

And it’s that last problem that looks to be the deciding factor for all, because although he was ambitious in signing Mesut Ozil, aside from that he hasn’t really pulled anything else speculator out of the bag and I think if we are to be a dominant force in England again, then that’s what is necessary. So in another perception of it, is Wenger holding us back from glory? But despite all this Wenger confirmed he will not commit his future to Arsenal in yesterday’s press conference.

The manager said, “We are in no hurry. We are in September and my contract finishes in June. There is a long way to go. There is no need to plan [any talks]. I have said many times I want to do well with this club and in the end I will sit down and think ‘how well have I done with the team I have had?’ That has to be sufficient for me to decide yes or no. One of the main judgments you can have about a manager is how well he does with his team.”

I think Wenger is right to review his situation before committing to the Gunners once again because it’s also a personal choice in whether or not he wants to continue with Arsenal or not, rather than staying till the day he is forced out the door. However I think that will be the case with Wenger because you can see from the last few years that despite the issues that have prevailed us, he is still determined to regain glory with Arsenal and I think it is then, that he will finally decide to call it a day!

8 thoughts on “Wenger could leave Arsenal next summer! – Is that Bad?

  1. I unequivocally think that Wenger has been a success at Arsenal no matter what happens after now. I do not think that we should tie Wenger’s exit to his performance this year. What would not be honourable enough. Rather, I think that he and the board should contemplate his retirement date which should be based on his ability to carry on due to his age. An understudy should be put in place to understudy him with a view of seamlessly taking over. This understudy needs not be a rookie in coaching. It could be an established coach still at another club. He would be appointed in advance, with one or at most two seasons more to go. This will afford him the opportunity to be paying attention to Arsenal matters ahead of his take over. I believe that this is what Manchester United failed to do that is making Moyes look out of depth for the united job. Looking at the achievements of Wenger at Arsenal, we should give him a honourable exit when he says that he has had enough.

  2. Maybe those at the Arsenal ‘Supporters’ Trust wound him up by telling Arsenal not to negotiate a new contract with him during the transfer window (when we clearly weren’t anyway) wound him up.

    Fact is Wenger took a lot of stick for not spending before (WHEN WE DIDNT HAVE ANY MONEY) and now that we do have some, and he has spent some, a lot of people owe him an apology for the way they had a go at him. He was only doing what is best for the club and sacrificing his own chances of glory (when he could have moved to Madrid, Munich, Milan etc etc) by agreeing to work miracles on a pittance of a transfer fund for 8 years.

    Seriously Tim Payton, you owe Wenger an apology. You don’t speak for me. You are not the God of Arsenal fans. If Wenger leaves because of you then you will not be welcome at the Emirates.

    1. We only had NO MONEY for 2 to 3 years, not helped by the property market preventing AFC getting money out the old ground apartments at that time. Since then he has not always had £70m but has had more than most clubs. It was available but he went on and on backing his existing players (unless they left !) and on and on backing his own mission. HE FAILED. Even this year … Gazidis had to make that public statement about the war chest to force Wenger out into the open. To be a success Wenger has to balance attack / defence ; technique / strength ; set piece / open play. He also has to discover tactics and if he can’t do tactics then Steve Bould could do – if permitted.

      1. Our lack of funds had nothing to do with the property market, it was due to the sponsorship deals tied to constructing the 400 million plus stadium, which have recently been improved.

        “Gazidis had to make that public statement about the war chest to force Wenger out into the open” – how exactly do you know that? Jeez, I don’t know why Im wasting my time with the likes of you

  3. Wenger has undoubtedly been a massive suceess, there no need to nit-pick over his career, it has been insanely successful.

    I will always have question marks over, in particular his recent, spell as the manager, but I am going into this having already placed him at No.1 on the list of our greatest managers.

    Cannot wait to read his auto-biography, although I suspect it will remain discreet and professional regarding most matters Arsenal. But knowing what was going on these last 6 years would help so much in clearing the fog surrounding Wenger’s performance as manager. It will always be recorded as 0 trohpies, however that doesn’t even scratch the surfice of it. It has been so uptsy-turvey these past 7 years that staying in the top four (whilst having moved stadium) could be seen as one of the greatest managerial triumphs in history.

    I think he certainly deserves a contract renewal, with resources avaliable to buy more players like Ozil and let the wenger of old have another shot at conquering the league and hopefully europe

  4. This is such a load of crap! We only had no money for 2-3 years? Where do you get this info from? The press or are you the actual accountant who dealt with the loan? Unless someone in Arsenal is a magician and can print money, there is no way Arsenal could have dealt with the loan interest and the financial crisis and still have money to spend! The highbury houses should have cover a huge chunk of the loan but guess what? The financial crisis hit and they couldn’t sell the damn thing, at least not at the original price. I suggest you stop writing crap that you don’t full know about!

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