Wenger BANG ON to praise outstanding Arsenal

Arsenal have now made it an outstanding 10 wins in the last 10 games after what was a thrilling 2-0 win over Champions League rivals Napoli on Tuesday night. Arsenal played their best football of the season so far in my opinion and although the result could have been even more it was definitely a solid performance Arsenal can take into their next match against West Brom this weekend.

It’s hard to put your finger on what has been the driving force behind Arsenal’s success so far this season, because to be honest it came as a surprise to everyone. Some state the likes of Giroud, Ramsey and Ozil are the ones behind it, whilst others back Arsene Wenger, but I honestly think it’s a bit of both. And the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has in fact been hailing the team on its fantastic form.

He said, “I felt that we played at a good pace technically, were direct and finished with great goals. Overall the first half was outstanding. Second half, we played more with more maturity, less drive going forward and a bit more caution. But overall it was an outstanding game.”

On Ozil, Wenger said: “First half, absolutely amazing, fantastic. Everything was in there – collective skill, individual skill, finishing, all that you dream to see. When it takes too long to score it is always on your mind a little bit, so he got rid of that. I loved him when he was at Madrid; I thought he was great there. We are lucky to have got him. He enjoys playing football and enjoys playing with his team-mates – he’s integrated very quickly.”

Next up Arsenal are set to face West Brom in the league however sticking with the Champions League and our next opponents are German super club Borussia Dortmund, who we will face a double header with both home and away with Jurgen Klopp’s side visiting the Emirates first. It will be make or break and if Arsenal manage to beat Dortmund on one of those occasions at least then we should be able to top the group, however with performances like this I’m confident of grabbing points away from home as well!

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  1. Who’s the next unlucky arsenal opponent? Ohh…Westbrom? well we won’t knock you more than 3-0

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