Wenger Declares Premiership And Champions League Fight Is On

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger praises the team which got the Gunners out of the bad spot in the first half of the season, Swansea. The first leg against Swansea from the beginning of the league was seen like a true turning point for Arsenal who managed to come back from a string of losses and very bad games and build on the win they got against Swansea.

Frenchman Wenger also declared that Arsenal will battle for all the titles available and that they will have to do their best to fight for the Premiership, Champions League and FA Cup.

“They pass the ball well and ­remind me a little bit of Blackpool last year. They play with ­freedom, a positive style ­going forward.

“They are a bit more cautious than Blackpool because Blackpool were really a very offensive-minded team.

“And they don’t concede goals, they have a kind of ­conservative possession.

“They are brave but not ­adventurous because they go through their wingers and they keep possession. They do not throw all their bodies forward.”

“We have still three challenges in front of us and there are only two teams who have that in England.

“Champions League, FA Cup, league championship … only Chelsea and Arsenal can still do that.”

Arsenal seemed to be fatigued lately but perhaps Henry’s arrival will fuel up their wish to fight and they will manage to have a good performance against Swansea.

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