Wenger Doesn’t Seem To Care About Fan’s Opinion In Arshavin Sale


Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger doesn’t think that club winger Andrey Arshavin should be let go despite having had an awful late form at the club and despite all the criticism coming the Russian’s way from the fans.

With the arrival of Chamberlain in the spotlight at the club, Arshavin is unlikely to be part of the first team any time soon after Gervinho returns to the club, and fans have been very vehement about their feelings when the Frenchman decided to pull Chamberlain off and send Arshavin on a couple of weeks ago.

Even though everybody thought after all the battering Arshavin got he would be on his way out in this winter, the Russian is still with the Gunners and the possibility of him leaving to Russia where the transfer season is still opened seems small at the time given Wenger’s recent love statement for the winger.

According to the Frenchman Arshavin still has a lot to offer at Arsenal and he’s not unwanted as many publications started saying every time they have the chance, so Gunner fans will probably have to withstand the winger at least until the summer transfer window opening.

3 thoughts on “Wenger Doesn’t Seem To Care About Fan’s Opinion In Arshavin Sale

  1. I`d say Wenger is not fazed by anything the fans think that`s part of the problem. I`m not qualified to say what kind of mania he has, maybe megalomania I don`t know, but he seems to have one, their opinions don`t seem to concern him or he would have taken a different course.

  2. wenger should let arshavin go after all his first choice was not playing for arsenal. for all his time he has longed to play for barca.so, let him go.

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