Wenger Doesn’t Want A Transfer Window

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger seems to think that having the January transfer window opening should be out of the question for the Premiership because it makes things very difficult.

According to the Frenchman it’s hard for both players and managers to keep a hold of their players and have them motivated throughout the first half of the season knowing that January will eventually come and get the players out of trouble if they’re not playing.

“I am for scrapping the January transfer window.

“Either you leave it ­completely open or you close it completely, but now it’s in-between where everybody becomes nervous in November until the end of January.

“It not only makes the ­manager’s job harder but it’s harder for the club as well.

“Even for the players, too, because this way it means at the start of the season you can have players saying, ‘If I don’t play, maybe I will leave in January’.

“So they are already less ­committed to the cause. It gives them an opening.

“We have gone from a ­period where you knew if you didn’t play you had to be committed.

“When we played we had to be ­committed to a club for your whole life.

“Maybe it wasn’t right but if you didn’t play you had no other option but to fight for a place.

“Now we’re in a ­position where the ­players can have a quick and easy way out if it is difficult. When I arrived in England, the window was open until the end of March.”

“It’s harder to do deals in January because, if you’re buying a player who is available because he isn’t ­playing, then in the Premier League the level is so high now it takes that player three, four months to ­adjust.

“Most of the time, a player doesn’t leave in the middle of the ­season ­unless it’s a ­massive club who comes in and he plays at a small club.”

Wenger is right to a certain level because it might indeed be difficult to keep a player motivated when he knows he’s got the option of leaving in a very short time, but it also comes as an aid for clubs in situations where the club has so many injuries that only a transfer window can save them from being relegated.

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