Wenger Found The Best Way To Score Against Milan

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger wants to go all out on Thierry Henry and make the most of the two months the French striker has to spend on the Emirates Stadium before returning to MLS side NY Red Bulls.

The French manager is going to use Henry in the Champions League as well and has already made plans to add him to the Champions League squad.

“Yes, he will be [in the squad],” said the Frenchman. “I have given Vito Mannone out on loan to Hull and Thierry will take his place.

“He has good memories of playing in Milan, where he scored three goals against Inter Milan. It is logical [to include him].”

Henry has two months to prove his worth once again to the Gunners, and if he still has anything to prove he’s expected to do so starting with the match against Leeds United from the FA Cup when Arsene Wenger will want to rest some of the most important players in the squad and use those who haven’t been playing too much lately.

Henry is the first transfer of the winter for Arsenal but might not be the last as Wenger plans to bring another striker who might stay for a more lengthy period with the Gunners.

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6 thoughts on “Wenger Found The Best Way To Score Against Milan

  1. A rumour i heard is that wenger is hoping to keep henry till the end of the season or permanently. he is prepared to offer some players in exchamge

  2. wenger really believes he can beat AC milan with this team? why is wenger so stubborn? why wouldn’t he upgrade the team? what is his priority? he wants to qualify or win? under wenger we will qualify the most and never win

    1. the problem wit Wenger is talking alot of the transfer window in advance, but fails to sign when the time comes.

  3. Credit to the one who sprung the idea to bring Henry back into the squad.
    Now lets go and get (no fear) Demba Ba!

  4. Rubbish he won’t give Henry a rest of the seasondeal…moving on fromt that..Demba Ba won’t leave Newcastle…..the only possible transfer i see happening is Kalou who will cost no more than £3 Million…saying that i could only be a rumour…left back i don’t know, probably Wayne Bridge or a nobody from another french club

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