While a growing number of Arsenal fans have decided that Arsene Wenger is no longer the right person to manage Arsenal and move the club forward, challenging for major trophy honours like the Premier League and Champions League that we all want, we can still expect him to actually know what is going on.

But judging from the press conference he gave today ahead of the Premier League clash with Norwich City tomorrow, the Frenchman has got the Gunners confused with another team. As reported by The Mirror he made a number of claims about the season that just do not correspond to the facts.

One thing Wenger said was that we have recovered after a blip to do well over the last month and a half. Really? I make it three wins against three teams in Everton, Watford and West Brom that are in terrible form. We failed to beat Sunderland, Palace and West Ham and we lost to Watford in the FA cup and Barcelona in the Champions League.

He also claimed that our away form was title winning but actually both Leicester and Tottenham have more points from fewer games. Another flawed perspective from the boss was that we were top of the league against the top teams but had let ourself down against the bottom clubs but our record against teams in the bottom half is the third best in the league but only 7th against the top half.

For good measure Wenger raised more than a few eyebrows by addressing the common question that the team has crumbled under pressure at times and is lacking the leaders and the mental strength we need to succeed by completely dismissing the idea, despite all evidence to the contrary.

He said, “Our attitude has been impeccable from day one this season,” the Frenchman continues

“We want to fight together until the end.

“We work together closely and have a good professional attitude. We have to focus on the next game.”

He also said, “Some people question this teams character but they have character and attitude and some people who question them have less character than this team has.”

And as if all this was not bad enough, Wenger topped it by suggesting that the fans decision to voice our frustration was the reason for the team playing badly. Has he completely lost the plot as well as the backing of the fans?

1 thought on “Wenger gets Arsenal review MASSIVELY wrong

  1. If you played a list of the many excuses used by arsene wenger he’ll probably tell us all he was misquoted .

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