Wenger happy with Van Persie caution and sure of catching Tottenham


The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger was delighted that the captain Robin Van Persie was not sent off at the end of the game when he got into a fight with Newcastle’s goalkeeper Tim Krul.

According to the Frenchman, the altercation could have been started in the Holland camp, but he’s not sure about that yet having not spoken to Robin.

“I don’t know if it is history from Holland or today’s story. I’ve not spoken to Robin yet. I am happy that it stayed yellow and not red.

“We showed relentless effort. The tempo was top level. We kept going until last seconds and managed to win the game.

“The fact that we have come back before helped us. We feel now that we just have that complete and total commitment to give everything. It gets the crowd behind team.”

“I think we can overtake Tottenham. We are on a good run and we are close to Tottenham now.”

At the end of the day the Gunners managed yet another comeback and it was as spectacular as any. The win was undisputedly deserved after the host of chances the Gunners had and after the pressure they managed to put on the Toon’s.

Robin’s fight with Krul is likely to reignite when the two are called up to the national squad next time, but realistically speaking, Robin’s a key man for Holland while Krul has just seen the inside of the training camp recently.

2 thoughts on “Wenger happy with Van Persie caution and sure of catching Tottenham

  1. Van.p is a mature and experience player than krull, so van.p understand the delay tricks krull was doing to denied arsenal victory over newcastle. Krull should respect arsenal captain van.p and shut-up because van. p was right as a leader of his team.

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