Wenger has full faith in future value of Rosicky to Arsenal

When you think of Arsenal players, the general assumption is that they are young and inexperienced talents that have a lot of potential rather than the top quality experienced players that are coming to the latter stages of their career. And although we have started to move towards that a little bit more this season, with the team regularly featuring the likes of Sagna and Arteta who are both in their 30s, there still aren’t many players who retire with the Gunners.

That could all soon change however because we do have one player on the books who is coming to the end of his career in Tomas Rosicky. The Czech Republic international midfielder is in the final few months of his contract and at 33 years old there have been a few suggestions that Wenger would not be renewing it because of his age. Now first of all I think the suggestions are a little far-fetched because, although Wenger isn’t the biggest fan of giving out contracts once a player goes over the 30 mark, Le Prof still offers the chance of a one year extension.

But the one year extension is usually to players that are very good. William Gallas joined Spurs because Arsenal only offered him a single year, whilst a few other players including our very own Bacary Sagna is in a similar situation right now. But Rosicky seems to have something special. He is still one of the club’s greatest talents and often runs the game when he plays, even at the age of 33. In fact 33 isn’t that old for a footballer, and its possibly he could go on for at least another 3 years, however due to his injury problems in the past, I think he may be cut short a little.

Because of all the rumours suggesting that Rosicky has been contacted by an unnamed MLS club, it led Arsene Wenger to speak out on the matter in his press conference ahead of the Aston Villa match, and he was quick to state that Rosicky will remain with Arsenal for the time being.

Wenger told Arsenal.com, “Look, Tomas Rosicky will stay here at the end of the season. He is a marvellous player and contributes well to the team. He is certainly a typical Arsenal player in the way that he is mobile, technically sound and team orientates. So he is a fantastic football player.”

I think Rosicky definitely deserves another contract even if it’s only a single year extension because not only can he play at a top level in a number of different positions but he also offers valuable experience and advice to the team and especially towards the younger players. It’s an awful shame Rosicky has spent a lot of his time on the treatment table since he joined from Dortmund back in 2006, and it’s an even greater shame that he hasn’t managed to secure any medals during his time with the club, but saying that if he sticks around for a little longer, all that could soon change.

Rosicky may have broken his nose last night, but he does not have to worry about making a certain amount of appearances in order to get a new deal at the Emirates and even if he has, it will not keep him out for long.

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