Wenger hints again that Alexis will leave Arsenal

Arsene Wenger has announced that Alexis Sanchez looks fit and could be ready to play for Arsenal in today’s game at Anfield against Liverpool, but it is entirely possible that this could be the last match in the famous red and white.

This week, Wenger hinted that the Board could over-rule his decision to force Alexis to hold to his contract for the last 12 months, when he said: “Then you have a compromise to find if you can afford to do it because you lose a lot of money and at the end of the day my decision, which is purely sporting, is easy to make. I want him to stay.

“After that there is, of course, a lot of money involved as well and the club needs to make a financial sacrifice.

“Who has the final say? I have always been followed by the board, but the final say belongs to the board.

“It’s a financial sacrifice for the club and sometimes you have to calculate what you can afford and what you can’t afford.”

That could be construed as preparing us for the worst, and trying to deflect the blame for any sale onto the Board, and now he has given us another hint by saying publicly that he has had to cope with the departures of very important players before, and the important thing is to concentrate on the team as a unit rather than any individual player. He said: “I had to deal many times in my life with big departures of big players and I always focus more on the team.

“To deal with all the rest, no matter what, Arsenal is important and the team. Of course you want to keep your best players but if it happens, you have to find a way to survive at the top level and make the team efficient.

“You don’t focus too much on individual players you focus on how the team can be strong enough to deal with what can happen.”

So what do you make of those two quotes? Does this mean it is now almost certain that ‘the Board’ is going to cash in on Sanchez this week?

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2 thoughts on “Wenger hints again that Alexis will leave Arsenal

  1. “trying to deflect the blame for any sale onto the Board” In what way is he trying to deflect the blame? Was anything he just said wrong? No. If Arsenal sold Sanchez, it’s not as if he would get any of the money, so of course Wenger would rather have Sanchez stay another year. Stop trying to blame every problem on Wenger; it just comes across as a bitter smear-campaign.

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