Wenger – I didn’t panic buy after Man Utd massacre


Back in the summer when Arsenal got off to their worst start to the season in living memory, which was compounded by their worst defeat for a century when Man Utd destroyed them 8-2, Arsene Wenger had a sudden flurry in the transfer market.

In the following days after the defeat Wenger brought in Mikel Arteta, Per Mertesacker, Andre Santos, Yossi Benayoun and Ju Young Park to strengthen all areas of the team, but Wenger is adamant that the rush of activity had nothing to do with the result against United.

He was directly asked if it was panic-buying after the massive defeat. “No not really,” Wenger replied. “It was more linked to the fact that near the same date we knew Wilshere would have surgery, Diaby had not recovered, Vermaelen needed surgery and Gibbs was injured as well.

“We felt we could not go on like that, so it was more down to medical reasons than the result.”

If this is correct Arsene, then don’t you think you should have a look at the medical problems that we have at the moment? If anything the situation is worse now than it was in August!

Let’s hope that Man Utd don’t massacre us again……

11 thoughts on “Wenger – I didn’t panic buy after Man Utd massacre

  1. Well i don’t expect Wenger to admit that it was a panic buy but we can see that it was a panic buy. How can Wenger go and buy Park while we send Bendtner on loan? Who is better between the two? Bendtner of course.
    If it was not a panic buy how can he go for Mer in place of Cahill?
    Lets just hope we get humilated on sunday so that Le Prof can affiliate another surprise bumper purchase to injury.

    1. It is only a sensless person without sight and understanding of the market would say is a panic buy when it is very difficult to nogotiate and yet all the players he bought have class and Internation reputation. How can you say Cahil is more valuable than Mer. Mer international record speaks, that is his report card. Bulton were greedy and now what are the offloading the player for. The squad cannot go and buy another 4 defenders because of injury.

  2. Arsenal have no fear towards Mn United this coming sunday, i dont see the reason for our team to panic, we are a much more strong team that play quality soccer on the pitch we only should titen our defence, a second deaf from united will not mean we can not beat united anymore but ist due to the injure list of our deffenders we have. Stund up guuner stund up

    1. I love people like you that are optimistic. The UK is in so much debt today because the level of stress made us all to spend credit card on the high street to feel good. Manchester City, Chelsea and their likes have the UK mentality. They spend other people money. Cut your coat according to your size. The reason I support Arsenal is because they don’t borrow to buy. They spend within their means. This is the lesson I want my children to learn so they won’t be in debt and start their life in debt

  3. After just reading the latest injury debacle at Arsenal football club and the fact that we have the worlds most stubborn and deluded manager I said last week we’d be comprehensively beaten by Swansea and now we will be totally battered by united! Even if we get players a fit another gets injured at arsenal. Please do not take anymore s*$t from the club and let’s us the fans start making a stand against this

  4. Be honest for once Wenger.. Without those panic buys you would have been in a relegation battle by now…

  5. Arsenal fans all over the world,including myself are guilty of an unadulterated support for Mr Wenger. Even when he has turned our great club into a less than an average team in the EPL and Europe.These days,there is no match we conveniently play with a 100% hope of winning,we lose to all manner of teams.It’s very heart breaking,something must give sooner-Wenger or the team.Dr. Momoh-Nigeria.

  6. what quality team and what quality football. when was the last time arsenal played quality football? definitely not one since this season has started and team scrapping for a goal or two and eventually been beaten and oitplayed by a newly promoted team ain’t play any quality football. that we get possession by passing the ball within our back fours ain’t quality football, that our midfielders can’t even orchestrate triangle passes, no crisp passes ain’t quality football. it’s high time you woke up from your sleep.

  7. Arsene you can say that all you want, but when someone with your personality buys 4-5 players in three days that is called panic buy. Your buys turned out good for the most part and they were needed. But why wait until you are desperate and there is no time left. Mr. Wenger you are a great manager, but we still do not understand this stubborness when it comes to adding better players to the squad, and getting rid of deadwood. Arsenal is a top European team, we are not Sunderland Swansea, or even Newcastle.

  8. For how long will Arsene continue hoping when other big clubs in the EPL are willing? Mr. Wenger, pls stop deluding urself! The more u continue2’patch’ this team, the farther trophies will be from them. Just look at it now, I expected u to have bought at least two good players(more in the defensive frame)this January window. But here u are experimenting with a makeshift defence, knowing fully well that the team has been plagued with injuries. You really haven’t learnt so many things, Mr. Wenger, especially the psychological aspect of the game! Maybe when Man U beats our team again2day, u would have me justified? I hereby rest my case…A Gunner TILL THE DAY the Devil repents!

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