Wenger – I would want Frimpong beside me in a war!


Arsene Wenger has taken Emmanuel Frimpong to Greece with him for the Champions League match against Olympiakos, and he says he would love to have him beside him if he went to war!

But the Frenchman believes that the Ghanaian international just needs to channel his aggression and energy into improving his game, and try not to let his emotions get to him like he did in the Liverpool game and also in the altercation with Sami Nasri last week.

“I love his raw enthusiasm,” Wenger said. “The only problem is to keep him on the right track. Like every generous guy, you don’t want to see him lose that. He’s a real fighter. You would love to go to war alongside Frimpong.

“But he also has to use his energy in a positive way because sometimes too much energy can be a handicap.

“He has a good mixture of confidence, humility and energy. He learns as well. So after the heat, he accepts that he needs to think about what is wrong and right.”

If Frimpong gets a reputation as being easy to wind up he will find himself getting riled by far more experienced players. He must keep himself in check or he’ll end up costing Arsenal points from time to time. Let’s hope he is a very quick learner because he is an excellent player otherwise.

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