Wenger – I’m frustrated as Arsenal had enough chances to win the game

Arsene Wenger watched his Arsenal team squander two more points in the race for the title after drawing with Wolves 1-1 but he believes that the Gunners should have scored more from the chances they created, and maybe they should have had a penalty as well.

The Frenchman reckons that they wanted to win so much that they just couldn’t relax enough to get the winner. “Gervinho scored today and we had other opportunities,” he said. “Arshavin was very close, Rosicky was close, Mertesacker was close. It was the kind of day where maybe we were not relaxed enough, maybe we wanted it so much, that we were a bit too much in the ‘wanting zone’ and not enough in just the technical zone.

With other teams around them dropping points on Monday, Wenger was really hopeful that they could have made up some ground on their rivals, but he says there is still a long way to go until the end of the season.

He continued: “There are going to be a lot of twists and turns, but unfortunately we could not take advantage of that, which is the real frustrating thing today. When you have the luck of the results yesterday and you play today, you can take advantage of it, that is where the worrying thing is because in the season you have to take your opportunities.”

Although much has been made of the referees strange decisions, Wenger says that the team should have won the game, with or without the referees help.

“I personally am responsible for the performance of my team, that’s personally a lot. Not for the performance of the referee, I have no influence. I think despite that we could have won the game today and that’s what we have to look at. I can complain about the referee or not. We had enough to win the game without these decisions.

“I don’t say they the referees are reluctant, I just say that there should have been a penalty in the Man City game. Today I have not seen it, that’s all I can say at the moment. The decisions did not go in our favour but we do not blame them today. We blame nobody in fact, it was a game we could have won anyway.”

Arsenal certainly had enough chances to kill off Wolves but with Van Persie not quite as accurate as usual there was always the chance that Mick McCarthy’s team could come back into it and yet again sloppy defending (as well as lax finishing) ruined the day for the watching Arsenal fans.

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4 thoughts on “Wenger – I’m frustrated as Arsenal had enough chances to win the game

  1. same old, same old. it’s been the same story for the past 3 seasons where we get big opportunities to move top or catch up and we blow it up big time. nevertheless, the refs in england are all anti arsenal. rvp was brought down in the villa box and he gets yellow carded. big jokes.

  2. it is all down to mentality, I started feeling we wouldnt win the game when I saw our team knocking the ball around in their own half with only one goal lead. Brazil did that for 16 yrs without winning anything I dont understand why we still do it. Incidentally we dont do that with teams we respect. Arsenal will drop points against smaller teams due more to arrogance than lack of ability. Teams knock the balls around, but in the midfield, not in their goal area, especially if you know one side of the back is limping, and thats where the scorer was relaxing all alone.

  3. 10 mins after we scored, i knew we would draw or lose.
    It was the way we played after the goal. There was not enough urgency to go and kill the game.
    I myself wanted 5 goals, first to put VP record to bed, and secondly to rise up table.
    But we allowed Wolves to get an equaliser, and i tell you, if they had not got a player sent off, they would surely have sneaked the winner for true.

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