Wenger Is Searching For A Top Defender And Has Two Targets

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger is now interested in finding another defender for his team since Sagna and Santos have injured themselves and he has to play with two of the best centre-backs on the wings.

Vermaelen and Koscielny are most likely to cover the left and right sides of the defence and Arsenal will probably play with 4 centre-backs in the defensive line until Santos gets back in about three weeks time.

Wenger is likely to try to bring another defender in January, and Bolton’s Garry Cahill is still linked with the Gunners. Although Wenger submitted a big in the summer it was rejected and even made fun of by manager Owen Coyle, so now they’re less likely to bid for him again, but there is still a chance.

Wenger might even look across town to Chelsea for his selection with Brazilian defender Alex now out of Villas-Boas’ team on a regular basis. The Brazilian is expected to leave in January, and Arsenal might be a destination. Who do you think should be transferred?

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8 thoughts on “Wenger Is Searching For A Top Defender And Has Two Targets

  1. I believe Alex and Cahill are centrebacks so in turns of buying them, it’ll be cover for the ambition of selling Squillaci. I hear the Uruguayan Godin is a new defender we’re after. We desperately need a LB and RB

    1. why are we anymore desperate for a right back than anywhere else

      players able to play RB: Sagna, Jenkinson, koscielny, dourou, squillaci, yennaris, eastmond, hoyte, bartley, harovic, boateng, angha, coquelin

      players able to play LB: Santos, Gibbs, Vermaelen, Miquel, Brislen-Hall, monteiro

      players able to play CB: Mertesacker, Koscielny, Vermaelen, djourou, bartley, miquel, squillaci, boateng, angha, hoyte, harovic, monteiro, sagna, song, jenkinson

      for me it is left back that is more important in defence than any other position. however, if we signed vertonghen then we could play vermaelen in his best position at left back alongside vertonghen. with sagna alongside mertesacker on the right we would have possibly the strongest defence in the league and an excellent cover jenkinson/yennaris, djourou/bartley, koscielny/miquel santos/gibbs.

      hajrovic, angha, boateng, monteiro will provide the reserve team basis whilst squillaci, hoyte and brislen-hall could be sold or released, the alternative to vertonghen should be baines, leaving tv5 at left back, however, i fear he would be far too expensive. if and only if we have the money should we contemplate further rb and cb signings as wingers and centre forwards are more important as the current first choice 3 and chamberlain is about all we have that is worth while.

  2. Wenger should go for utility, versatile defender who can play anywhere in d backline comfortably and stil play as a DM. Jan Vertonghen will fit perfectly 2 this mould. Wenger should avoid loosin him 2 Spurs as he did in Modric case. This guy also come cheap 4 that qualities £10M nd it wil also add value to the squad.

  3. Jan Vertongen is an established international who already has a developed understanding with TV5 and the capacity to cover a number of spots including defensive midfield. He is a perfect fit for a team running into the business end of a season.

    1. Having two of our strongest and critical defenders come from the same country, to my mind, is not the way to go. What then happens to our darling team if and when the services of both TV5 and Vertongen are required by their national side?

  4. Why solve a temporary problem with a permanent solution? Santos, Jenkinson and Gibbs are like ly to be back before the transfer window opens. Sagna will be back not too long afterwards. I don’t think there is any truth in this post as Wenger is not known to solve temporary problems with permanent solutions. Apart from the cost of buying new players, They have to be paid when they arrive. To follow that path is a sure way to insurmountable debts.

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