Wenger – It won’t be easy selling Arsenal’s unwanted players


Arsene Wenger has one of the biggest squads in world football, and due to the new Premier League 25-man rule he knows that he has to unload some of his unwanted squad members to make room for new arrivals, but he thinks that same rule will make it very difficult to sell off the deadwood.

Arsenal already have Nicklas Bendtner, Andrei Arshavin, Denilson and Carlos Vela out on loan, and all four are not keen on coming back to the Emirates next season, but the manager simply has more chance of making money on his NFL betting picks than making money out of these players. He just can’t find any buyers since the new restrictions came into play.

When asked about the situation with the returning loanees, Wenger said: “I have not decided anything yet.”

“It will depend a bit on the structure of the whole team. I will sit down with them at the end of the season.

“You know have some restrictions because you are only allowed 25 players. Therefore you have to make decisions and choices that are of course linked with that.

“At the moment we have 34 players. I believe that many clubs are in this situation. The Premier League have put themselves into this situation where they completely lock the transfer market.

“When the players come back from their loans, many clubs will be in the same situation where they cannot buy because they have too many players.”

Not only will be they be hard to sell because of the 25-man rule, but also they are all on inflated wages at Arsenal that very few clubs are able to match. So it could mean that all four will remain at Arsenal after the summer transfer window.

4 thoughts on “Wenger – It won’t be easy selling Arsenal’s unwanted players

    1. yep its wenger fault that the epl brought this rule in and its his fault that 6 of his squad are old enough to no longer count as under 21……..poor management.

      Fergie had exactly the same problem last season and i am sure he like all the other managers will have the same problem again.

      As it was wenger had to send arshavin out on loan in january whilst de-listing almunia and pay him £60k a week just to train. He like every other manager will have to work within the rules, lets face it one of Fergie and Mancini will also win fook all this season. Redknapp will not win a major honour for 29th out 30th seasons. Pardew will win fook all and even the Di Matteo might not win anything either.

      1. No but it is Wenger’s fault for overpaying mediocrity. Who the hell decides to pay Bendy, Diaby, Vela et al 40-50k a week when they’re no better than some Everton players earning 15k a week?

        The wage structure needs to be ripped up and re-written as it’s an archaic doctrine from back in the 90s when aside from Man Utd we were the only other club that could offer some big time wages to attract players. Now hoever, we’re relative small fries compared to Liverpool, Chelsea, City, United when it comes to wages.

        We have a huge wage bill sure but most of it goes to players who we’d prefer to leave the club than stay and we overpay youngsters who have achieved nothing simply because we hope they will choose to develop in the Arsenal academy over other academies. Admirable? Sure. Practical? Nope.

  1. Apart from Alumnia how many of these players have actually had a run in their natural roles in the team?

    – Bendtner played on the wing last season. He is slow, can’t cross or pick a pass, but he can hold up the ball n shoot. That role was given to Chamakh need I say more? Bendtner scored several crucial goals when played as CF

    Denilson – I am not sure what position this guy plays

    Carlos Vela – Has never been given a starting position. Am not sure where Wenger wants him to play

    Ashravin is an excellent attacking midfielder but AW plays him on the wing in favor of the off form Ramsay.

    AW chooses to protect the real rubbish in the team;
    Ramsay & Rosicky don’t score nearly enough to be the First XI

    Other players being sidelined;
    Ozygup (hasn’t even played in the league)

    What is the point of a youth academy if none of the players get any first team game time?

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