Wenger – It’s not early for the OX

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger is afraid that calling Chamberlain to the 2012 EURO might not be such a good idea at such an early stage in his life and that the boss must make sure to take him step by step in order to help the player develop to his full potential.

“I would like to see [him go to Euro 2012] but let’s go step by step,” said the Frenchman. “I think in England you always take the fast track. To go to the European Championships you need experience in the Premier League so it is important he gets that first.

“He is not far [from being ready for the Premier League]. At the moment we have been quite consistent with the team we put out because we are on a good run and have had no injuries.

“I believe he is still in a period where training every day with top players is important for him to improve. He has quality when he plays in games – he is not fazed by the importance of them. He’s the kind of personality that makes you think he can play on the big stage.

“You have seen him already before Christmas and I have no restrictions at all. For me, if I need him he will play. I don’t think it is too early for him to play anymore.”

Chamberlain managed to impress with his late phenomenal form, but he still has a lot of improvement to do. A midfield section with Arteta, Song, Wilshere and Chamberlain could look great if Wenger will manage to get all of the players on the pitch at once. He did it last year when Nasri and Fabregas were on the field, so perhaps he’ll be able to do the same again.

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