Wenger – Its OBVIOUS Arsenal have to make a profit!


Arsene Wenger caused a little stir last week by saying that he was tasked to make 15m-20m profit every season before he could consider delving into the transfer market, so he was asked to explain his comments in yesterday’s pre-match conference.

He didn’t sound very happy to point out the obvious, but explained that he was still paying off the stadium debt, so he couldn’t understand why a journalist was “surprised” at his comments.

“I am surprised that you are surprised,” he said. “Do you think the target of the Club is to lose money? That cannot last a long time. The target is to make a profit. It looks normal for any company in the world, so I don’t know why it is surprising.

“We want to pay the debt we owe from the stadium we built, that’s around £15 million per year. So it’s normal that at the start, we have to make at least £15 million or we lose money.”

“I accept one basic principle for every company; that you can spend the money you make,”

“It always looks like a massive surprise that I have to convince you of that. I think it is just natural common sense and logic.

“It is mathematical logic that what goes out has to equal what comes in. If that does not work then the company loses money.”

Yes Arsene of course we understand that principle, but what we don’t understand is when the money comes in (i.e.from transfers) the money DOESN’T go out again! When is that “transfer fund” going to be utilized to improve the team?

2 thoughts on “Wenger – Its OBVIOUS Arsenal have to make a profit!

  1. I deduce the relationship btw Arsene and the mgt is more driven by financial goal than anything else. Apparently, it is in keeping wt his promise to turn Arsenal’s fortune around when he took over 16 yrs ago. What Wenger has achieved for Arsenal, esp wt the Emirates Stadium is way beyond d expctatns of Arsenal investors, and the more so when Emirate Stadium creditors are fully reimbursed. Consider the proceeds from ticket sales alone now compared to Highbury. So Wenger is the real boss here, and not Kroenke – he has just bought a fortune he believes Wenger crafted out. He bought into Arsene’s materialising vision. So, the motivation is not trophy but treasure. I can only admonish Arsene, my world best coach anytime, to redefine his goal to marry the 2 Ts. Though, in all fairness he has tried to: but for injuries Arsenal should have lifted at least 2 EPL trophies. He just needs more compromise to get there.

  2. does arsene forget dat there many people who loves d club to d extent dat victory of d determines their happiness?

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