Wenger – Jack Wilshere is running out of time to play at the Euros


The Arsenal manager gave a grim point of view regarding Jack Wilshere’s evolution, and according to the French manager, Wilshere’s chances to go to this summer’s EURO 2012 championship with England are shrinking with each passing day.

The young English star who was expected to be back in the game in February suffered a series of setbacks which forced Wenger to take his time with introducing him back into the team in order to avoid possible further setbacks.

“We try to keep the hope alive for him and without taking too many risks.

“That means we adapt day to day, to manage him, to improve his physical state and get him fit as quickly as we can without taking too big a risk, which means when he has pain we stop him.”

“To go to a big competition without having played at all is impossible.

“In the next four or five weeks we will know more and the next three weeks will be decisive.

“You would think a player who wants to play in June will have to be competitive at the end of April.

“The next three weeks will decide [if he can go to the Euros].”

It’s a well known fact that Wilshere is eager to join the English national squad to the EURO championship, but given his current condition it would be not much short of a miracle for him to play a full match for Arsenal before the end of the season.

Do you think he’ll be fit in time for the EURO?

2 thoughts on “Wenger – Jack Wilshere is running out of time to play at the Euros

  1. We’ve seen England managers make some stupid decisions in the past, like selecting Walcott well before he was ready, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the was selected without having played all season. Certainly can’t see ‘Arry doing what Arsene wants but it is common sense you would think.

  2. If Jack isn’t ready for EURO he better not try because he is still young, he will play Prent of them in future. Relax Jack you might risk your future

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