Wenger Knows The Ace Down Wolves’ Sleeve

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger praised his Wolverhampton counterpart Mick McCarthy saying that the manager isn’t doing anything short than working miracles at Wolverhampton and that games against the Wolves were never easy games.

“Mick McCarthy is doing miracles at Wolves,” Wenger said

“He is always ready for a fight, never gives up, keeps his steadiness and mental strength, never shows any strain.

“It is great what he does for his club. I believe they play extremely good football as well.”

“It demands special strength from the manager to fight until the last day with the uncertainty sometimes whether you will stay up,” the Arsenal boss said.

“A manager needs to be cool-blooded, strong, resilient and Mick McCarthy has all of these qualities.”

Arsenal will encounter Wolverhampton on Tuesday and with only two matches to go now in 2011 the French manager of the Gunners will want to keep the ascending form Arsenal had since the horrible start of the season.

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2 thoughts on “Wenger Knows The Ace Down Wolves’ Sleeve

  1. Big chance to take a big step towards securing CL football for next year with Chelsea dropping points along with Liverpool and Spurs facing a tricky tie to the the surprise team so far this season Norwich a min of 3 points is essential.
    I feel that if we can be in the top 4 at the end of January we can push on with the return of Sagna,Gibbs,Witlshire and maybe a couple of additions.

  2. Even in Australia, where things are supposedly `upside down,`the ace is UP the sleeve, not down.

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