Wenger Knows The Way To Take Advantage. Will The Gunners Triumph?

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger worries that the Gunners might face a fierce battle against Milan if they don’t try to start just as strong as the Frenchman expects the Italians to start.

Arsenal will have to worry about the classic Italian “cattenacio” which is well known for causing damage to teams like Wenger’s who like attacking just a touch too much.

“It is a game which, for me, is a real 50/50 where it is very important for us that we have a positive attitude in the first game.

“I believe they will start strong and it is important at the start of the game how much we win our fights in every area of the field.

“It will be very important not to let them on top of us but the way we need to start strong will be very important to us.”

Wenger will have to make sure he has defenders fast enough to deal with the likes of Robinho, Maxi or Pato and strong enough to counter the skills of Ibrahimovic who is likely to cause damage if he will have enough space in the box. What do you think will Arsenal do?

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