We are used to Arsene Wenger sometimes losing his temper with football reporters as they grill him after Arsenal have suffered a bad result or performance. The prof can usually keep his cool but he has been known to blow when he feels that he is being badgered.

He has certainly come under fire this week over all the Ospina and Cech selection saga and after snapping a bit in his post match press conference on Tuesday, Wenger was at it again today when he was asked the same questions in the press conference ahead of Sunday┬┤s game with Manchester United. The whole thing can be seen on this link to the Arsenal website.

The Arsenal boss refused to answer some questions and accused the reporters of being boring, lacking creativity and jumping on the bandwagon of criticism. He certainly seemed to be angrier than usual but I wonder if it was down to the press, because a report in the Daily Mail this week claimed that he had given the Arsenal players a rare telling off for the poor performance against Olympiacos, accusing them of lacking passion, having the wrong attitude and simply not putting in enough effort.

This is not like Wenger but is he right?

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