Wenger – Man City only had one shot on target!

Arsene Wenger feels that Man City’s breakaway goal seven minutes before the end of the Carling Cup tie at the Emirates this week made it an unfair result for his Arsenal team, considering the quality and effort his youngsters put into the game.

He said yesterday: “It was very tight against Manchester City. The regret I have is that we put the effort in with spirit, quality, and we lose a game with our opponents having one shot on target.

“That is always frustrating to take – especially when it is a corner for you, and a goal for them.

“That was a bit naïve, and are the two regrets I have. The team has not been rewarded for the quality of the effort.”

It was suggested that at least Arsenal will be spared the fixture congestion that was so unkind to them last season, but Wenger would still rather have won the game.

“We paid a heavy price for the number of games we played in January,” Wenger said. “We also had the Stoke game cancelled because of snow, so we had a big congestion of fixtures.

“Then we had to play Stoke just before the Carling Cup final.

“Fixture-wise,you can say it is easier, but in fairness I would have preferred to play the games. You always want to take the gamble and play the games. You are in this job to play the games.

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One thought on “Wenger – Man City only had one shot on target!

  1. wenger has highlighted his teams own problem with scoring if RVP isnt playing. AGUERO ONLY NEEDS ONE CHANCE AND ITS IN THE NET. THATS WHAT 35 MILLION BUYS YOU.
    So far from excusing his impotent strike-force with the goal attempts ratio he has inadvertantly admitted the difference in quality.
    Fair play to city, football matches are not won just by chances created, they are won by scoring goals….so simple yet so hard for wenger to understand and remedy.

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