Wenger – Man-of-the-Match Arshavin can still get better


The little Russian Andrei Arshavin has been roundly criticized by Arsenal fans for the last year because of his lacklustre and lazy-looking performances when he is given the chance to play, but Arsene Wenger picked him to start against QPR on Saturday and the same fans voted him as the Man-Of-The-Match after a much improved performance which included the telling assist which led to Van Persie’s winning goal.

But that was Arshavin’s first start for the side for five weeks, and Wenger believes that can be even sharper in the future if he is given more playing time. Wenger said: “I knew he would suffer a bit physically, but Andrey has that quality that at any moment in the game he can give you a ball to score, and that’s what he did,”

“We know he can be sharper than he was on Saturday but that is linked to the fact I do not play him enough.”

So it’s a Catch22 situation with Arshavin. Can Wenger afford to watch him play loosely until he gets his match-fitness back, or does he just hope that he gets at least one thing right during every game?

10 thoughts on “Wenger – Man-of-the-Match Arshavin can still get better

  1. lets just hope this is just for getting some money out of him this january. i think we have seen enough of him.

  2. I`m a little surprised to hear Asharvin has not been match fit…what was the problem?There`s something very confusing about Andre, Wenger seems to have an endless line of excuses for the man and I, like many others, is still waiting for him to burst onto the scene, even play ninety minutes. Has he been out of condition for two years? If so why?
    We seemed to have been conditioned, by AW, into becoming a bunch of dummies who don`t really understand the potential of such players and, therefore, ” in Wenger we trust”.
    For me he tends to make lame excuses to save face until he can off load him at the right price.

  3. Yeah, right! Arshavin plays like shit. He should go out but just like Arsenal other failures, no other teams want to pay Arsenal’s asking price.

  4. wenger,always makes lose comments,like this one.first,arshavin will always be lazy because he’s not a winger,we all so what he can do when he plays in his natural position in his first season when cesc was injured and he filled in the playmakers role well,i believe he can play in ramseys position effortlessly,but,wenger will not play him but let us criticize him for lacklustre performances on the wings,he doesn’t have the stamina to run down the flanks and it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out but he insists on playing him there

  5. Sell Arshavin and buy Alan Dzagoev!
    He is a 21 yr old russian star.He would cost 10-15 mil max and would be way more effective than our current ex-star Andrey Arshavin.Also as he is young,he would have plenty of time to develop and become better than the little Russian!

  6. If there`s one criticism I have of Arsene Wenger it`s he tends to play players out of position. From player comments and pundits alike this seems to be true. Bendtner (bless him) raised the point many times, Asharvin appears to have fallen victim to this ploy and now Walcott ,who has obviously been promised a central role, is becoming confused. Maybe this is where having a strong minded number two could come in handy?

  7. I am amazed he was voted man of the match. Are we watching the same player ? Arshavin is the one who tries the impossible, loses the ball and then trots back with nil urgency till next time he is given the ball …. and loses it !

  8. innit arshavin critism is out of order… it’s not his fault. + all the arsh critism has it’s effect on him, u see that hes not as adventurous cause he doesnt want to let you down, hes always trying to play safe when u expect arsh to be the one to step up and do something. one of the bigest difference this season is we are pplaying a high line, were wally n arshs speed are absolutely useless. in previous seasons arsh n wally did so well cause they had space to run forward n cut in, they cant do that now. it’s been a while since i saw our wingers rip the flanks apart n go clear on goal. playing possesion game outside the box discourages players to make an incisive move, rather than counter attacking where every players is in that “go straight n score” mentality

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