Wenger must rotate correctly for Arsenal to keep trophy dreams alive

After the recent acquisitions of Mesut Ozil and Mathieu Flamini, Arsenal’s midfield has turned from great to extraordinary; in a side that surely has the best midfield in the league now. But there are too many players for the positions needed, making competition fierce and allowing Arsene Wenger to change and rotate his midfield.

The likes of Ozil, Wilshere and Cazorla run riot with their passing skills and tricky footwork, whilst not forgetting the form of much improved Aaron Ramsey. Rosicky and Arteta are still battling away in the squad for a place, whilst Flamini has impressed many despite the initial bad response he got from the fans upon signing.

Arsenal are in a run of 7 games in 23 days, which works out a game just every 3 and a bit days. Rotation will be key for these games, otherwise the players will tire very quickly, lose their capabilities and ultimately worst case scenario could become injured. Luckily for Arsenal, Wenger of course knows what to do in these situations and explained his thinking when posed the question about Arsenal’s upcoming tough run.

Wenger said: “We play seven games in 23 days, and that means we will need everybody. I could rest Ramsey a little bit because he has basically played every minute of the season and also the two international games for Wales. It gives me an opportunity as well to give the players a little breather before they will get injured. I will juggle. Everybody will play. At the moment, don’t forget we still do not have Walcott, Chamberlain or Podolski.”

It’s all about priorities and which game is the most important. Champions League is vital because although we top the table on 6 points after 2 games, we cannot afford to slip up at all because it is such a tough group. But then again, the same goes for Arsenal’s Premier League run. We must remain on our top form for every single Premier League game otherwise we could suddenly start to see the club losing its lead at the front.

In my opinion, it’s not about picking the right teams here for the right games, it’s about making the right substitutions and at the right times. If Wenger takes his trio of midfielders off in a game then a rest in the second half should mean they don’t get worn out and we can get through this tough period of fixtures, but of course that’s for the Frenchman they call Le Prof to decide.

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