Wenger – Of course Arsenal winning trophies matters!

The Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has been reminiscing about the last time he won the FA Cup back in 2005, and how the Gunners were outplayed by Man United but still ended up winning on penalties.

That was considered as “winning ugly” in those days, and Wenger is hoping that Arsenal can win in a bit more style this time around, and seems amazed at how long ago it was as that was the last trophy that we actually won!

“You don’t prepare games with that [winning ugly] in your mind,” Wenger said. “You prepare by thinking that the best chance to win is to play at your best.

“But in 2005 it was an ugly win and a lucky one. I wondered then how can they create so many goal chances against us. I realise today that United had Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo in full power. Now we know why.

“Winning trophies matters for your fans, and it matters for us. It is a concrete sign that you win. I love to win. Your fans love you to win and there is something missing if you don’t win.”

“You never think it will take such a long time,” the Frenchman continued. “If you look at the overall consistency nobody has finished in the Champions League in England for 18 years. Nobody.

“But it is true that because we are used to winning every year and suddenly you don’t win it becomes a way of thinking for everybody else.

“You could go to some other clubs, ‘Why did you not win the Championship for 20 years?’ Nobody asks them the question.”

In a way Wenger created a rod for his own back after such a successful start to his Arsenal career. It was like Arsenal simply got out of the “habit of winning” after moving to the Emirates. Perhaps we can get back into the habit today……

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