Wenger proves his genius again with his faith in Aaron Ramsey

Ramsey has been a player that has been divided by the fans probably the most over the last few years. Alongside Theo Walcott, Ramsey has been slated over the years as well. A wasted player on the pitch often offering very little however this season, again like Theo Walcott, Ramsey finally regained form and returned to the player we all remember him as before that horrible leg break that he experienced a few years back.

It was back in 2010 that Ramsey suffered what could have been a career ending injury when he was tackled by Stoke City defender Ryan Shawcross. Ramsey recovered in due time however his form never did and it seemed as if the all the great qualities in this player with massive potential had been lost.

After his return he struggled for fitness and his performances were poor and it led to the Welshman being sent out on-loan to a few different clubs, including his former club Cardiff City, whom Arsenal paid a reported £4.8 million for Ramsey back in 2008.

With the fans on his back and his actions being criticized at every moment it seemed as if his time as an Arsenal player may have been coming to an end. The fans often wondered why Wenger continued to have so much faith in Ramsey and now it seems that the Frenchman was once again the genius and right to keep Ramsey.

Last season, especially towards the end of the campaign, we witnessed many of the qualities Ramsey had shown prior to his massive injury. His passing, defensive work rate as well as his engine build meant that he shone in Arsenal’s tough fight for a Champion’s League spot and he turned out to be one of the more important players in that period. In fact he even won Arsenal’s player of the month and was praised by fans and players alike for his performances towards the end of the season.

Although his stats may not display his fantastic effort, if you watch his work rate and effort that he puts in, it’s clear to see that the player we all once knew Ramsey as is finally returning after around 3 years since that torrid day in Stoke on the 27th February 2010. I’ve got a feeling Ramsey will play an important role in our team next season and if successful we could well see Ramsey and Wilshere being the structure of Arsenal’s midfield for many years to come.

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18 thoughts on “Wenger proves his genius again with his faith in Aaron Ramsey

    1. This article misses the point. Ramsey lost form because he was yet another man whom Wenger played out of position. This time right wing (!) Played where he can play well in central midfield … he is no genius but does a good hard working job.

  1. i like him he’s a good fighter, le prof should purchase another good defensive midfielder to assist aron

  2. I just don’t see it. Work rate does not equal good football. What concerns me the most about Ramsey is his inability to make simple passes. I don’t expect him to be Zidane but he should be a smart, tidy, simple footballer especially when he struggles. The reason his work rate was so high was mainly due to the number of times he gave the ball away and had to win it back. It was not good enough. I would not cut him just yet but I would expect huge improvements next year as based on his performance this year it just was not good enough. Even the last match when we needed him at his best he continuously gave the ball away…would Ferguson have put up with kind of play? I think not.

    1. See my response below. You must be blind to see he was one of our key players who kept the top 4 alive for the team.

    2. Thank you!! Finally someone see’s what you blind muppets are blissfully unaware of. Ramsey is NOT Arsenal quality. Fact!
      If you believe otherwise your ambitions are lost and are probably happy with a 4th spot. Wake up!

    1. Yet he has an 88.2% pass completion rate, amongst the best in the team (better than Gonalons, who people seem to really want), a 90.3% tackle success rate, the best in EUROPE, more than 50% of his passes are forward, he had something like 48 key passes (averaged more than Wilshere based on time spent on the pitch), had more interceptions than most of the Arsenal team save for Arteta and Mertasacker. He’s got room to improve and he’s only 22 so I think he will.

  3. Ramsey has been superb for the last 3 months of the year. The partnership with Arteta was one of the main reasons why Arsenal got 4th place against all odds. Defensively he is a great player.
    The line up with Kosielny and Mertesacker at CB, and Ramsey and Arteta in central midfield looked very strong.

  4. Dont talk about Ramsey and Wilshere as they are even players!

    Ramsey is a teamplayer (at best..)

    Wilshere are GREAT!

    Keep the garbage for yourself admin!

  5. y every midfielder out there is linked with arsenal?

    media has gone crazy…

    with rambo showing such great work rate n form

    n wilshere starting next season

    Wenger has cazorla,wilshere,ramsey,rosicky n arteta in midfield…

    only dm is needed…n Wenger isn’t desperate to get grenier coz he already has a top playmaker in rosicky n cazorla

    thn there’s wilshere too…

  6. People say Ramsey has a good work rate because he rans with the ball miles before boxing himself into a corner. He would be a better player if he released the ball quicker and moved into space for the return pass.
    His off-the-ball movement is awful. I think he should be loaned out to get him back to his best. For now he is only good as a squad player. Sorry.

  7. My fellow ARSENAL Fans, i know we are true fans because you can’t see a fans without win trophy for 8 years and still stand for that club… My dear Arsenal fans please don’t buy the season ticket until Arsenal sign great player that we need to won the trophy this coming season… Arsenal forever.

  8. Those completion rates look good on the stat sheets but go back and watch the last few matches and look at how many times he gave the ball away and exposed the back four. When you are the DM and going forward you can’t make unforced errors which he excelled in…couple that with his poor finishing and paucity of through balls for the attackers creates the type of play that barely scrapes your team through in 4th place. Let’s not go singing his praises when we finished 4th, miles behind first place. I don’t dislike the kid but he is not a championship quality player. Perfect for team like Everton or Fulham but not when you want to compete for titles.

  9. Ramzey,walkot n sagna r doz 3 hu kost us 2 sleep at 4th position,if venger shud play,kazorla,arteta,rosiky,fabrigas n david villa,kant awa team pick up kups dan play’n ramzey,wilshere,walkot n kazorla? Wenger,b 4 real

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